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  1. Progress on my appartment

    feel like I would do myself an injury if I went to go for a shit and hit my head off the shelf
  2. Show me your apartment

    Kinda the foundation of what I'm planning
  3. We have just reached 15,000 post views! We want to thank everyone for helping us reach this milestone and for all your support. As Town Square approaches we get more excited to meet everyone in the game and have amazing social interaction.
  4. Skull & Bones Recordings

    Im in the discord been in there for ages, just saying join the discord is not a source?
  5. Skull & Bones Recordings

    source of where they said they aren't confirming these features? Just interested because the twitch clips state otherwise.
  6. Skull & Bones Recordings

    There is a radio station and can be used to host a show, with virtual audio cable we can play our music through it. There is also a concert hall for the artist to perform with backing music and instruments of there choice. Recording can also be done outside the game and then used through virtual audio cable as I stated above. So I'm very well aware of what we can and can't do, thanks for your comment though.
  7. R u Kiddin us??

  8. Skull & Bones Recordings

    Post updated and edited
  9. Come On... Really?

    Who said this?
  10. What's the Town Square Module Like?

    You have access to all the pre-release content as a founder, so yes you will be able to play the Town Square Module.
  11. Everyone STOP!!!!

    A team of 1000 dedicated people worked on GTAV and loads more were outsourced members, you could genuinely say 1000s of people worked on GTAV
  12. The discord has currently had a change from status open to invite only if you wish to join please PM me for an invite.
  13. Hi! Got some questions

    You can marry also there will be a social media thing where you can update your marital status. There will be no kids in the game, as in player models. You can be apart of the EMS which will include medics not sure about a nurse as such. I believe there is farming not entirely sure about gardening but I don't think it would be that hard to implement if they have a farming system already. There will be quite a few relaxing things to do you know like parks, cinemas and many more. The game could be pretty revolutionary, let's hope it reaches its full potential.
  14. player limit?

  15. Michael "Nines" Payne

    Updated, with minor adjustments.