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Found 7 results

  1. LORDS

    No more trouble! DO YOU NEED A "SOLUTION"? CALL THE LORDS! OUR SERVICES In prison or on the streets, we are the solution. MURDER PROTECTION BEATING DEPREDATION “Behind every successful fortune there is a crime.” Mario Puzo, The Godfather WORK WITH US !!! Our leader? An anonymous police officer (corrupt)
  2. Lords (No More Problems)

    (We don't need) No, we don't need (no more trouble) No more trouble! (We don't need no more trouble) DO YOU NEED A "SOLUTION"? CALL THE LORDS! OUR SERVICES In prison or on the streets, we are the solution. MURDER PROTECTION BEATING DEPREDATION WORK WITH US !!! Our leader? An anonymous corrupt police officer
  3. Who will join my KillerTeam

    Who will killen , come to my Team or follow!
  4. Murder Inc.

    Hired Anonymous Hitmen!!! LET'S GET ANONYMOUS MEMBERS TO TALLY HERE !!!!!! :):)
  5. I just really like the thought of running a mercenary/contract type business hiring mercs and sending them across the map to take people out. would be so cool, and some micro managing type stuff like changing pay would be awesome. In fact thinking about it why stop there it would be even better if you could pick and choose crews to attempt different heists robberies and jobs similar to Lester in GTA only you would actually be Lester! The micro managing could be insane choosing equipment, outfits, crew pays, bribes and getaway routes... this is a really cool idea in my opinion I would really like to hear your views on these types of business's
  6. player written notes?

    Not really sure if this will come. or something along these lines. but gee it would be fun. for people committing the crimes and the police attempting to catch them the idea is the ability to place a note with a message on the body of the guy/girl you've just killed/mugged or even the ability to place a note at a location A note containing a quote, a message or even a well written riddle to either keep the cops on the trail or throw them off. now i'm sure anyone could just load into a game. go and rob some people or even go on a murder spree. But seriously. if your going on a murder spree you are probably going to get caught. Even killing one person per week. stalk your prey. leave notes as clues in town square. or even inside of a police station to let them know you have you eyes set on someone else. either it be a politician who's morals you don't fully agree with, someone who said something in town square that rubbed you the wrong way.. or even a taxi driver who took you to the wrong place.
  7. Hey guys, I am wondering if I would be able to efficiently role play as someone like Dexter, for example I could work for the police and be either a detective or forensics but secretly be a serial killer. Also I would only kill bad guys as in the show Dexter his father shows him a code to live by so he never gets caught, one of the rules is never kill an innocent. What I also need to know is that if it is possible to knock a victim unconscious, bring him to my apartment, kill my victim there, and then cover my tracks. Thank you! (also if I posted this in the wrong place please tell me)