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  1. Power Plants?

  2. Power Plants?

    aww man that's a shame
  3. Food and Drinking?

    hey man it's all the important questions i just imagine going shopping for a heist with a shopping trolley
  4. Power Plants?

    Okay, so more thinking and planning of my cyber future and I was wondering if you were robbing a bank or a building or whatever. is there a way to cut the power to said building? this would be useful for robbers and police, robbers to be able to use the cover of night to rob and the police may be able to stall the robbers by cutting the power to vault locks or something like that. I think this would be a really cool feature if added... plus it would look really cool to see an entire area blackout
  5. Food and Drinking?

    Thank you for answering :3
  6. sooooo been planning my virtual life in this game for a while now but I just thought, what about Food? for example, would you be able to go down to a grocery store by bread and toast that at your apartment or hotel or wherever you are that has a toaster? I just love the thought of actually having to go shopping in the game and you would do it with purpose for the sake of your Avatar living and staying healthy. Does no one else think it's funny to be worrying about going shopping in game x D I picture arguments arising over shopping baskets aha I feel also this Food feature would add some variety to working at restaurants and such (mini games for staff) I feel this would make the game even more fun
  7. I just really like the thought of running a mercenary/contract type business hiring mercs and sending them across the map to take people out. would be so cool, and some micro managing type stuff like changing pay would be awesome. In fact thinking about it why stop there it would be even better if you could pick and choose crews to attempt different heists robberies and jobs similar to Lester in GTA only you would actually be Lester! The micro managing could be insane choosing equipment, outfits, crew pays, bribes and getaway routes... this is a really cool idea in my opinion I would really like to hear your views on these types of business's