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Found 10 results

  1. Identity Insider #4 - Prison Life

    The latest Identity Insider is now live on the website's about page! You'll find more detailed explanations of what's going on inside the walls of the prison. Do your best to avoid getting arrested, but those on the wrong side of the law are bound to end up in there eventually. Learn more about how Identity makes your time served fun and interesting. We expect that some people might just choose to stay in prison even when their sentence is up -- it's a whole new world in there. Check out the new Insider release, Prison Life, right here. There's still more cool information to come on prisons in the future, too! A new developer blog is also scheduled to go out this week with some exciting news!
  2. As of now the developers have indicated that the maximum jail sentence is 45 real life minutes. This to me is too short to seriously discourage trolls from ruining the realism of the game by randomly killing other players. Since the real life penalty for murder or other major crimes is either life sentence or death there should be some more serious penalty in the game in order to discourage trolling and to increase the risk of committing major crimes. In my opinion the penalty for murder should be at least 2-3 real life hours. If the developers still insist on keeping it at 45 minutes, I suggest enabling private servers to adjust this time as a default setting or through mayor/government decision.
  3. Murder Inc.

    Hired Anonymous Hitmen!!! LET'S GET ANONYMOUS MEMBERS TO TALLY HERE !!!!!! :):)
  4. Courtroom

    When a suspect is brought to the court after being arrested, will there be an option for him/her to take a plea deal?
  5. Jail officers.

    I was just wondering, the jail house guards. Will they be real players as well as the street cops?
  6. Hi everyone, I would like to know what happens when you get arrested. When you go to jail how long does it take to get back on the street with out breaking out? I realize that it depends on the crime, but in real life you go to jail for years in the game will you go for the same time and the days go quicker or will the time be just a few days? Thanks!
  7. Prison

    So i heard there is a jail system in the game, Any idea what time lengths will be like and do you have to go through court to get there? Like, if you go jail for say "2 years" will the in game time for that be like 10 mins? Sounds good though
  8. consequences

    there needs to be consequences like if you kill a player or any one the cops will looks for you and if they catch you there needs to be long jail times not 5 minutes or 30 minutes it need to be hours so they wont want to kill if its just 5-30 minutes they will just kill over and over so we need to add long jail times depending on the crime or maybe there can be the 3 strike thing like in real life you do lots of big crimes you will git strikes and after like 3 you git put in prison for a long time or its over and you git locked up forever unless you break out or do something like that this way it will stop mass killings and mass crime
  9. It'd be cool if you could indulge in dif. activities in jail instead of having to sit there doing nothing the entire time (like how Arma life jails are ). If you could establish a fighting career in jail (through an underground illegal fight club like Mafia 2/Luke Cage had), have a better cell if you had a powerful position prior to being jailed, work out in the recreational yard, have corrupt correctional officers (through RP), have the ability to pay bail, shank rival gang members in the cafeteria, etc. then that'd be amazing. You should also be able to make money (maybe through fighting, trade) or even establish a reputation for your character to set yourself up for when you are released (if you wanted to join a gang, form a group, get jail connections, etc.) You should also be allowed to leave whenever you want (of course after serving your min. jail term depending on the crime). When you are ready to leave and you've served the min. amount of time, you could request to "modify your sentence" and ask the judge to be released early (just to follow RP), ultimately allowing your release. Anyways, just an idea, if you'd like to build off/take some pieces from it go right ahead. Maybe busting yourself out and living as a fugitive could be an option? (with the help of friends. etc.) Overall the game looks great! Keep up the good work dev team, can't wait to play it.
  10. Jail System

    So I have been looking to donate for a while now and want to become a citizen. But one of the major things that I personally am interested to know is will there be a prison system. Will we have the option to be a CO and to work in the Jail? I love the law enforcement aspect but I think this will be an important job/role to have in game. Im sure It has been suggested and will happen but im curious if someone can tell me how the Jail system will work.