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Found 3 results

  1. Is RDM ( Killing for No RP Reason) Going to be a problem? e.x. Someone has an AK-47 and is running down the street shooting everyone just because he can. Is he considered a mad man / cereal killer? Or is he breaking server rules? If so what are they going to do to stop this? Punishment Wise. 2.) Will there be server administrators / staff members watching over the server?
  2. Admin Tools

    Admin Tools Based on Garry's Mod ULX and Blogs by Billy Hello Identity Community, my name is NOE and after playing Garry's Mod Roleplay for over 1000 hours and 600 of those as a Administrator I know what an Admin Tool needs. 1. Logs Logs as an Important Part of Administration. With this you can see if something was RDMed and more. It gives you fact and not just Statement by Users. Here are the things that should be logged: Damage Death Buy/Sell Chat Admin Actions ( !goto, !bring, !ban, !kick, !freeze ...) 2. Rule Book As a Server owner you probably want rules on your Server. There would need to be a feature were User are able to See the rules. As they first join the Server they would need to agree to those rules to play on it. 3. Admin Commands Admins need powers to enforce rules a Server might have. Server often get people that a referred to as Trolles/Minges that ruin the roleplay experience for others. !Admin (Makes the Admin go into a mode were he can use his powers. In this Mode he isn't able to do any roleplay actions. He also gets a Playermodel that doesn't look like a normal Player something like a flying ball...) !goto *Name* (Let's the admin teleport to a player) !bring *Name* (Let's the admin bring somebody to the Admins Position) !noclip (Admins need to get fast from A to B or might just investigate a Case noclip basically makes them able to fly around) !sit *Name* (Brings the player to a place that is only accessible by Noclip or this Command.The place is Sound isolated) !warn *Name* *Reason* (Gives the Player a Waring on there record.) !kick *Name* *Reason* (Sometimes player brake rules so they need to get punished or they AFK and use up Server Slots) !freeze *Name* *Time* (Minges often break rules and try ruining away from Admins so this is a Way to capture them) !ban *Name* *Reason* Time* (People Break rules sp they need to get punished simple...) I hope this post was helpful. If you have any addition please post it in the Reply's and I will look over them. -Noe Rock
  3. Weapons Skins

    If I had a gun, would I be able to make a custom paint on it or something? That seems like it would be an epic idea for the game, and needs to be added in the near future. Also, would it work the same for masks and stuff? That seems like it would be an epic thing to add to the game