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  1. The whole idea of the getting the steam key so far is for when the game is released on steam. You will instantly have access to download it. So just more waiting atm
  2. What will you RP in identity?

    This gang looks familiar. Did you guys use to rp alot in gmod??
  3. Where to download? I bought

    @Beach_Ball I don't know if you're even allowed to say when Town Square is being released... But it would be nice to know your estimate. Will it release in 1-2 weeks, this month at all, or in a few months. Thanks, hopefully you read this!
  4. Iced Jewelers

    Very cool, when I'm done cooking up some blue ice, I think ill come down and buy some iced jewels.
  5. Is RDM ( Killing for No RP Reason) Going to be a problem? e.x. Someone has an AK-47 and is running down the street shooting everyone just because he can. Is he considered a mad man / cereal killer? Or is he breaking server rules? If so what are they going to do to stop this? Punishment Wise. 2.) Will there be server administrators / staff members watching over the server?