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Found 7 results

  1. Is RDM ( Killing for No RP Reason) Going to be a problem? e.x. Someone has an AK-47 and is running down the street shooting everyone just because he can. Is he considered a mad man / cereal killer? Or is he breaking server rules? If so what are they going to do to stop this? Punishment Wise. 2.) Will there be server administrators / staff members watching over the server?
  2. so how about the troling or the random arrest and RDM(random murder) is there gonna be a admin or something ?
  3. To my understanding there are measures in place to counter RDM, but is this for all killing, or is more RP orientated killing permitted, as I would be quite interested in RP'ing as a serial killer where murders would be methodical, follow a pattern and not be non sensical. Thanks for any and all feedback.
  4. Simple question, i know theres greenzones, but I want to know if theres a way to counter rdming for pure roleplay situations. Since it seems this game isn't whitelisted, and any lil' kid can purchase this game. And if not, It'd be great to have a system to prevent people from doing this or something.
  5. Will there be bans from this game, if you do Rand death match or use your vehicle to vehicle death match?
  6. Hello all, I've searched the forum's for 'RDM', 'Deathmatching' to try to find out how Identity will solve the issue of many other RP games - RDM. If for some reason there already is information about this that i missed could you please link me to the specific comment/forum with the answers! I began pondering what possible ways there are to solve random deathmatching and keep RP without simply unleashing the ban hammer/kicking players off the bat. One solution to this in my eyes would be the allow players to decide if the scenario was RDM / non RP. The way this could be done follows: Scenario: 'John doe' is walking down the street when suddenly 'ilean Dover' drifts round the corner hops out and shoots poor john in the face, gets back into his car and speeds off. John dies and has to respawn back at his house. After being in shock to what just happened poor John becomes enraged and storms into the Court office building to file for a court case against this random iLean women who shot him in the face. John was smart and recorded 'on his GoPro (Aka OBS or whatever recording software you use to record a game)' and uploads it as unlisted to youtube. He simply fills in an in-game form with his name, the date, the name of the filed against and a link to the footage/evidence. Now this is where the scenario is up for debate and i want to hear your thoughts. I believe the Judge and Juries should be senior members of a server (e.g they must have a certain amount of hours in-game in that server - for public server atleast) before they can even apply to be a Judge/Jury. For private servers this simply can be the admin team off the bat or the same as the public servers members who have no criminal record (or a record below a threshhold) who are trusted enough to be given the power of a Judge/jury. What do you think? - Back onto said scenario. The judge and jury team will look at the evidence before they even meet john and ilean to determine whether there was an RP reason to stop any false claims (e.g someone who is just salty in a RP fire-fight). minutes later John and Ilean (iLean is told to go to court or face a 'point#' and possible a kick/ban from said server) are called to court. John explains his side and points to the evidence, Ilean states her side and gives any evidence (Evidence can be seen from a big screen which plays the submitted evidence). The judges and jury come together to make a decision. If John was just a salty player who actually had robbed or attacked Ilean prior to this encounter and stole a LOT of money from Ilean and she simply was getting revenge then John would receive a 'point#'. However, If ilean was guilty she would receive a 'point#'. #Points system - a point system could be used to determine punishments. For example, 3 points lead to a day ban from the server, 5 points a week, 7 points 2 weeks, 10 points a ban (from private servers and another week ban from the public servers). * Judges and Juries will have a lot of power in private servers so could either be elected, based of admins for private servers or to be one you must be approved by server owners. Public server jurys/judges could have access to a seperate forum called 'Point requests' where they note down the outcome to the court hearing. This will be managed by trust moderators or devs (on Identitys side to choose who should be trusted) who will then apply the point (this is to stop corrupt judges/juries from kicking innocent people. What do we think of this idea?
  7. RDM

    How will RDM be Handled?