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  1. German kind of SWAT

    Ist echt so, aber ich finde deutsche Polizisten generell besser aussehend als die amerikanischen.
  2. German kind of SWAT

    I would wish that these uniforms/equipments are in thr game. The SEK is the SWAT of Germany. They look epic, have good armor, and the helmet is the most good looking part.
  3. Actio & Reactio

    Police reactions First, I am sorry for my bad english I played often as a Cop on different arma 3 RPG Servers and something always annoyed me: The bad Players could shoot us at any time and we have never had any chance of reacting to this fast enough. So I propose that officers have the chance to have their hand near their gun holster when they are in suspicious situations (hold a certain key or press it once), so they could react as fast as the bad guy or even faster. Its a small function but it could change a lot. thanks for reading SwissGuy