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  1. Identity was a Cashgrab

    So the game has not been updated for 5 month now, here is your proof
  2. People need to understand

    But please open you'r eyes. Who is going to keep this game Alive? The one person that play this game ? Where should the more money came from for further development ? The one that Play this game ? Okay so i have been following alot of games Dev teams, and how they Work, this here Seem to be dead, i have seen smaller teams that do more stuff, that shows commitment to there players, and gives news on a daily bases. Even devs being on my stream to see bugs and stuff. So don't say give it time, time dont always do great things, but people do great things.
  3. No update for 2 month??

    And where is the dev blog gone ? Last one is from may? Would a mod give me a link to some more recent stuff ???
  4. No update for 2 month??

    So i can see that there has been no update to the game in 2 month now, so can we have any news ? .. and how is this game going to rise when there is between 0-3 playing the game at the same time ?
  5. So.... Is Identity dead?

    THE FUTURE OF THE DEV BLOG This may be one of the last couple developer blogs being sent out in this format as we're planning on soon transitioning to more frequent developer video blogs! In the past, it's always been myself who wrote these blog posts. They've been a great way to reach out and letting everyone who doesn't follow us on social media know what we've been up to. That said, I think I speak for most people when I say video is more interesting and entertaining! Look forward to meeting the team face-to-face in short but frequent videos. Some will be general updates about our work on Identity and some will be focused on certain aspects within the game. Also, on that note, you're going to be getting a very interesting Identity Insider very shortly, covering criminal activity and gameplay. It's a major part of the game and we've surprisingly not been asked many questions about these systems in the past. You'll be getting all kinds of juicy new information and ideas of what you're going to encounter! and this was back in July 10, 2018
  6. So.... Is Identity dead?

    I have not seen a single dev video that they promise us when town square would get on steam? if u can link to them i would be more than happy?
  7. So.... Is Identity dead?

    no matter if the game starts on kickstarter our anything else, is should not have been running as it was and is now... people dont care with all the excuses for why the game runs slow... instead dev should be true to us... how should we ever be able to support them again after this mess... i dont recomend this game to anyone, not even when i stream...
  8. Anyone still play?

    we could hope that this game get more content and more players, every time i look here it is under 10 players in game
  9. Show me your apartment

    Nice hope u gonna enjoy it
  10. Show me your apartment

    Show down below with pictures how your flat looks like so far here is mine
  11. We were right, and you can't argue with us anymore.

    i got banned from discord for typing this in from there own twitter... As many of you are aware we are experiencing a massive amount of traffic on our website which is creating an issue on the database. While the game is uploaded and servers are live it is now in Steams hands to release.
  12. Release status update?

    What a way to run a Company, is it the 4 delay now? And they blame steam for this delay..
  13. Release status update?

    Did they closed there discord ?
  14. If it hasn't been said already...

    And to be proud of a game that don't go at there schedule. To be honest i would not be proud to have let that many people down, over 6 month now from there first release date of town square maybe later this game would be something to be proud of, but not at this stage