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  1. Disease and Health

    well said, this is exactly what i was thinking abaous as i posted this!
  2. The Map Do you have an aprox size of the map in identity. Compared to games like GTA, How big do u reckon the game will be? also How long would u estimate it would take to travel from one side to the other? A) in a car B)On foot C)Boat
  3. Disease and Health

    I've Been Tracking this Game since around 2015/16 and i have'nt heard to much about any medical or disease related problems to your character. For instance i just thought it would be a good idea to add such things as Malaria since the map is set in a tropical landscape from screenshots. Or maybe thnigs like Parkinsons disease, maybe if you were a hunter for example you may have a hard time aiming, also if medical care is'nt seen to in a while you may become close to death. Food Poisoning could be contracted through Badly cooked food or raw food. Another thing, if you have a visable disease, maybe you could show it on the character. Even a Mental Disease (I know it would be hard to inplement considering its a user behind the player) such as Schizophrenia. Just Some Things i had on my mind about the game since it's not to long until the town is released.
  4. Sewer System?

    Sewer System? Obviously this is alot to ask for but i was wondering if there was going to be a sewer system or something to compensate for that. I thought it would be great for Prison Escapes, Drug Drop off points or even police escapes ect. I thought it would add alot to a game that looks to have a future of success. The Sewers wouldnt be for generic sewage and stuff like that, it could open up lots of options, including the ones listed earlier. Gang hideouts, Shootouts and even opens up other jobs for more playability to the gameplay. Also with the direction this games development is going i beleive it would be a good way for people to cross potential boarders illigally, depending on if boarders will be in the game.