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  1. How will the actual full-scale world of Identity be released? Is the full map worked on throughout all the modules? Or is it all planned to be released fully in a certain module, and then added onto? I searched up topics about this but didn't find much..
  2. My General opinion by now

    There's honestly too much drama entering this community. I found out about Identity from the kickstarter, and after that I looked towards other things. And I've come back and I'll admit, It doesn't look like that much has been done since then, there's been a Dev blog or two, a video explaining their intentions, however the only evidence that seems to stand out that they're still making the game is, that they've made the required amount for their kickstarter goal, and the tweets they put out to players, answering questions. They also have many screenshots of the game, and their progress. I really want this game to be a thing, and I do think it's not that hard to ask for a dev blog every now and then.. I do realize the staff of this project have many other things they have to take care of however, knowing how small the team is, it takes awhile making this big of a game. No wonder they don't want to implement things like air travel and such! I believe people need to stop complaining, only the people who actually pledged money reserve the right for some complaints, as they actually invested their savings into the game. Pressuring the developers isn't going to make the game release faster, infact it'll probably slow it, as it brings down their morale. This game is everything an average role-player could ever want, and these guys are under massive pressure to bring it to reality. Would you want a game this incredible, to be rushed and turn out to be shitty and glitchy? If the Devs want to take their time, let them. Go outside, or do something social. And maybe check back to see what's been going on in their twitter. They've met their goal, and they've stated many times that this game is being developed. I don't for sure know if they've stated to release certain content, and miss their deadline, but as they've stated there WILL be delays. Expect them, a game like this will take some time.
  3. Houses/Breaking In?

    So I know that Apartments will have their own instances, but the houses will be things that people will actually have to own. If you own a house on the map, do you just drive/walk up to it and just open the door and bam your in your house? Or is this an instance of it's own, like if someone was outside your house could you look outside and see them? Would this open up opportunities for criminals to break in somehow?
  4. Sorry, I accidentally posted twice, meant to delete this post but I decided to change it. That does however answer my other post, thanks!
  5. Boats/Yachts?

    In the Identity overview/trailer, I recognized what appeared to be footage of a person outside a Yacht while it rained, is this an object that can be driven around the world? Can it be lived in, or rather does it have and properties similar to that of an apartment/house? And will they cost as much as one?
  6. Say you rob a bank, and you get away with it. Like, you make a runaway on the map. Will the police always be looking for you? Does it sort of work like the GTA system where the cops just sort of wear off? And how much money would the bank amount to that you would steal? Maybe as much as a house itself?
  7. Weather

    Is there going to be any form of weather system in Identity? For example, would it rain on a certain day, and snow like... during the winter? Or maybe just during a holiday like christmas?