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Found 3 results

  1. Different Countries

    People could either go to the airport and buy a ticket to another country or take their own plane/boat. Of course these other islands will be implemented slowly overtime, its not like we are going to see any when the Town Square Module is released, and they are going to be nowhere near the size of the starting map/island. Reply below what you think and any other ideas about this.
  2. Marine

    Hey guys I finally had money to help you gus on the way i have heard something about that the map will have a few island, and then i thought if their is a chance to be able to make a carier as a captain on a passenger ferry and ship these people around to the islands and in your trailer there is a short shot of a yacht, can you show us more of the boat and whater side of the game looking forward to be able to get into the beta best regards' Ólavur
  3. Id like to see what ideas people would want for vehicles in the game; Things like different variants of cars (muscle, tuner, super, luxury, vintage...) Motorbikes (naked, sports, supersports, cafe racers, vintage...) Personal use vehicles (skateboards, longboards, roller blades, hoverboards...) Work vehicles (trucks, tractors, construction vehicles, airport vehicles...) Aviation (personal jets, private jets, corporate airline, service helicopters, military...) Personally, i'd like to see these incorporated in this game in one way or another and I would love to hear other peoples suggestions as vehicles (i believe) are a big part of any game.