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  1. I want a refund

    I’d like to request a refund, can someone direct me on where to go?
  2. Good to see you finally complain about something lol
  3. Thoughts on the release date?

  4. Dear Identity devs....

    Fella, everytime I see one of YOUR post I see DagTag. <3
  5. I just saw the video (a little late lol) but I am blown away. I can't describe it right now I've waited for this so long words fail me. What are your reactions? -Diddly
  6. Town Square Map!

  7. Town Square Map!

    Hey everyone, Diddly here. While we all patiently waited for the town square, I decided to comb through the screenshtos forums, trying to see as much as I could of Identity. However, while I saw quite a bit of in-game content, I didn’t know WHERE I would see it. I thought it would be fun if we came together as a community to create a fan made map of what we think the town square will look like. Please comment below and suggestions or ideas where buildings are, and make sure to post any screenshots you find. Please make sure the screenshots are only of buildings or landscape no individual furniture or anything. Just a fun little project I thought we would all enjoy. P.S. Anybody know how many npcs will be in a server, like GTA V or something?
  8. Weekly Hopes #3

    If I remember correctly, someone had asked you why you posted so often in the forums (this was around a week after you first joined the forums) and you said you wanted to be big in the community. This was much earlier than your daily hopes.
  9. Map labels

    Good question!
  10. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Excited for this!
  11. Weekly Hopes #3

    But you said before that you "want to be big in the community"
  12. Weekly Hopes #3

    No offense TPlays, but you’re kind of spamming the forums with your “Weekly Hopes”. Instead of doing them weekly, you’re doing them daily, which may inhibit other’s opportunity to have their voices heard. I understand you want the community to notice you, and we have, but please be considerate of others. Thanks and cheers!
  13. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    would like to see some footage, remaining hopeful atm
  14. Maybe no one is wrong?

    Opinions are opinions. They’re not facts, and they’re definitely not right or wrong. In this community, I see a lot of support in different ways. You have those who are 100% positive and those who criticize but nevertheless back the game up. Both of these forms are pefectly fine. Support is support, just like opinions are opinions. At the end of the day, we both have the same goal. We all want this game to succeed and we all have supported and most of us pledged to help the devs. We’re all on the same team. I’d like to thank both sidees of this support, especially the critics because I feel they have recieved a little less love and a little more heat. Critics are important, they help you see your mistakes so you can fix them, even if they don’t sound the kindest, they still have the best intentions.