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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys I am New to Identity just pledged this past weekend, (got my little apartment and garage I wasn't referred here by anyone I just randomly found it on the web looking at new games coming out in 2017. I been reading all I could find out about it the past few days. I am really like'ing what I am seeing. Its a shame there in not more marking for it but I understand with this type of crowd funding that the devs spent most of their time an money into making the game and not advertising . That's where we the fans come it. ) Another great game I been following for some time now is Star Citizen , if ya not familiar with it here is a link . If I had to explain it to someone with out taking 3 hours to tell you all that's in it now and all that's coming out in it, I would say this. Star Citizen is Arma meets Wing Commander that had a baby that was really into Firefly and Star Trek . Like Identity there are no classes, but there are tons of careers and jobs you can do. You can be a fighter pilot, a Space trucker hauling cargo, ship engineer repairing ships, space miner on planets or out in asteroid fields, salvager of ship wrecks, medics, space marine, PIRATE!!! there are many more things you can do, the list just goes on and on. Here is a little Demo Even though the game is completely different then Identity there are a lot of similarity's with the 2 game development that I really like. They both are developing modules and we get to play them as soon as they are ready so we can give feed back as the game is still being made. For Example, Identity is coming out soon with the town hall module. Currently if you Pledge to Star Citizen with a starter pack for $45 bucks (smallest package) you get immediate access to their current modules which include. Some peoples out there may say , "Oh I heard of that game you have to spent 1000's of dollars to get a ship" NO YOU DO NOT!!! All you need is a 45 dollar starter package (there are a bunch you can chose from just like Identity ) every thing else can be bought in game with in game money, its not PAY TO WIN, if you have spare cash and want to support the game and buy a 500 dollar ship (like you can buy a luxury apartment in Identity ) you can, but you don't have to. I bought many ships cause I really love the game , I want to support them and I was lucky to have the funds. But all these ships mean nothing unless you have friends to crew them with you, the ships don't fly themselves! Modules you can pay right now in SC Arena Commander - Its a Dog fighting sim where you get right into the action vs NPC's or Player vs Player action with no risk of permeant loss to you or your ships. Star Marine - This is a FPS they have built where Marines VS Pirates Player vs Player death match / zone capture type game play. PTU- This is the real meat on the bone. PTU stands for Persistent Test Universe , this is a very small version of what the final MMO will be like. You get to take off from a space station and fly around a down sized solar system, you can fight npcs or other players you come across or work together and complete goals or just go explore. There will also be a stand alone single player SC game called, Squadron 42. With stars like Mark Hamilton (luke skywalker, as if I had to tell you) and Gary Oldman as charters in the game. (you can buy a 60 dollar starter pack that has Star Citizen and Squadron 42 in a bundle , that's only 15 bucks for sq 42, ) One great thing that SC is doing now (and has being doing, hence how I got in) is a referral program. I would love to see Identity do this too to help get the word out. How it works in Star Citizen is every pledged account gets a unique referral code, you give this code out to peeps you want to join the game. If those people do infact use the code when they buy the game (starter pack) then you the person who gave them the code gets 5k in game money (when the game goes live) and SO does the new person who used your code. What's great is that it rewards the person for promoting the game with out costing the dev team any money or time. Its a win win for everyone. Now 5k in SC is not a lot of money, but you get 5 -10 of your buddies in and it starts to add up, If you really go nuts recruiting peeps they give you even more in game goodies . Then those 5-10 get their code out to and it snow balls. SC currently has well over 1.5 million registered players and it keeps getting bigger. Well I hope to see you guys and gals here in Identity Or in Star Citizen , I will be playing both. If you have a friend that already plays Star Citizen and you want to get in it, ask them for their Referral code, so you both get some rewards for spreading the word. and if you don't know anyone feel free to use mine below. Drop me a line if ya stop by, I will show you around. Kamikaze_DaMutt referral code- STAR-MG6Z-QGCQ <--- just copy and past when you sign up. Than drop me a line and I will give you a tour / ( may make you carry stuff for me, cause you know free labor )
  2. (Updating list as I get more ideas) Not sure if this is in the game already, but here are some cool concepts that are based off of the "Art museum", "Paintball", and "Movie Theater" as they are very nice additions to the game. So I thought of some other things of the same kind of genre, I see them as "Tourist Attractions" or other kinds of entertainment and the culture of what "Identity" should have someday. ________________________________________ Average Level Difficulty Concepts (Reasonable to Question) * Starred concepts make more sense if you continue them with the "More Advanced" projects listed. Amusement Park - A main amusement park resort (Water park, Roller coasters, Food Stands, Haunted House, ect. Should be extremely big and amazing looking like Tokyo Disneyland) Resort / Honeymoon / Amazing Visual Scenery - Beach Resorts ( Like Sandals Resort, clear waters & tropical plants, animals, and atmosphere) Traveling Entertainment - Carnival (Carousel, Ferris Wheel, Bumper Cars, Swinging Hammers, Octopus, Tilt a Whirl, ect. a tiny carnival/circus that travels around to different areas) Festive / Events - Festivals (Music Festival - I know someone who would love something like Ultra, Food Festivals, Holiday Festival) Fair - Clothing Fair / Goods Fair (Pop up event that sells unique clothing / Items only sold by console) Shows - Car Show (Pop up event that sells rare sports cars only sold by the console) Live Entertainment - Sports Centers (Players should be able to play a sport and if they're extremely good they can get in on the Sports Centers) * Museums - Historic Museums (Should be able to find rare fossils around the world to give to the Museum or hold onto and auction off) * Historical Artifacts & Treasure! - Ancient Ruins & Temples to explore and gather rare treasure from them to keep, sell, or steal. (codes & messages required to break into different rooms devs can give hints about each treasure hunt) To have ancient ruins and temples you should first give identity a real history as to why those items are valuable. * Historic Entertainment - Medieval Entertainment (There's a place called "Medieval Times", they do real life jousting on horses, dress in medieval clothing, give you a medieval meal, and for an extra fee; you can pay to sit in the throne, eat like a king, wear a crown, and tell what you want the actors to do to each other while watching them and eating your meal.) ________________________________________ Miscellaneous Concepts (Reasonable to Question) Identity Wiki / Interactive Dictionaries in Game - A wiki section devoted to explaining in depth on the information of items, with an in game item called the "Dictionary" that you can open and click on words that will then pull up Identity's official Wiki Page. Example: History of ALL the Businesses that surpassed 1 month and what their purpose was, the time opened and time closed. Toggle to see all the currently present owned stores. Identity Interactive Map in Game - A consistently updated Map that works with the "Wiki" mapping out all the businesses, farms, dig sites, ect. For players to toggle their map to. Clicking on any of the dots located over a specific site will pull up the wiki with the information on that site. ________________________________________ More Advanced Concepts (Culture, Globalizing, Planet, Solar System) Warning! If you shit yourself when thinking about things too hard DON'T READ THIS SECTION! Note: No, I of course do not expect these concepts any time soon or at all! This is the "ADVANCED" section. These are idea's I will be putting out there to the general public. This is more for those who take interest in thinking "bigger" or give reasonable alternatives to help make some of these ideas easier to achieve. Culture and History of Identity - Story line of it's history and how it became of modern day civilization. Have a historic museum solely about Identity and where things started. For example "Massive stone statues were carved 10000s of years ago this is what they look like" then you can throw in if Identity will become a "Planet" within some kind of solarsystem. If you guys will add that some day waaaaaaaay into the future you could add in some aliens. You could base it all off of earth's stuff but make it as if you're creating your own civilization. (To me what's the fun in exploring something I already know in the real world? That's what I love about videogames. Their creativity, difference, and similarities.) By giving addition to the "Culture" of identity and what the different cultures could inherit, you can add in a whole lot of other fascinating things with your own choice of design. For example you could create a "Yik yik" fruit native to the "Orsik" people of "Juskar" which live high in the frosted mountains and "Yik yik" is a yellowish pink star shaped fruit that grows off a tree that looks like a "Lepidodendron" tree that has gone extinct in our world. For now the real world is a very good template to copy off of before expanding far off into this more abstract realm of creativity. Human Advancement - As years (or "x" amount of time) go by for this game, you could give it a "new era" where it surpasses the modern era into a futuristic era. When town square becomes more "of the past" thing and is considered a historic momentum to be preserved. That would be fascinating. Evolving all the architecture into something more "futuristic" looking for some areas while preserving others for other players to maintain. Then you could have pockets of people who enjoy the modern era and be considered almost like "meditates" to those who want to embrace the more "futuristic" era of the video game. You can constantly evolve the game at whatever pace you wish. Just look up "Pre War Exploration - Fallout 4" to see designs. Space Exploration - Space exploration, like a NASA site. Launch rockets & satellites, into orbit. Travel out on a spaceship (again if you wish to use the "human advancement idea" you can evolve those rocket ships into something more practical. Plasma ships. Creating a sun to harvest plasma. ect. ) go out and travel to the moon, or other "planets", Identity could even have 2 moons! Here is what it would look like if Saturn was much closer to earth. A Bigger Planet - Here is just a tip to Dev's "You don't need to worry about the size of your planet." It can be extremely tiny so long as it is a planet, this would let you guys continue on into the solar system development, THEN you could create an entirely new planet much bigger for players to go to, just have a bridge between the two planets and make up some random history that this other planet happened to fly out of it's solar system and conveniently stopped close by to the original planet. You could even make it a huge event for players to build the bridge! Then if players no longer need the old planet you can destroy it. To destroy your old planet make raiding ALL things readily available! Have a nuclear fallout! Put up warning signs for players to move over to the NEW planet so the old planet becomes a wasteland, dangerous, and apocalyptic land! Throw all your garbage on the old planet! Continue to explore the old planet! Have the old planet become a 24/7 PVP zone! The idea's are endless and wonderful! So only the mighty can continue to explore the old land for undiscovered and abandoned treasures!
  3. Sharing space

    If a couple (not roommates) wants to move in together, will they need a two-bedroom home or will they be able to share a bedroom? I know there will be no sex or nudity, but still it would show they are really a couple and not just friends living underneath one roof.