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  1. Dispatch

    I inquired about the dispatch feature some time ago. I mentioned it should be like a private voice chat, so that it wouldn't notify criminals about strategic orders on how to take them down. Well, that was the idea. Think James said it wouldn't happen though.
  2. Sex

    I didn't know there was an age restriction on the game. Well now that I think about it, it makes sense, because of the criminal career activities.
  3. Sex

    Suddenly I'm remembering Beavis and his "Cornholio" acts all over again. Lol
  4. Hairy Grenade exhibition piece.

    Ahhhh. Makes sense now. Lol
  5. Is This Real Life? Karaoke/Juke Box/Concert Hall/TV

    I've already come across a couple channels streaming episodes of Family Guy and Futurama 24/7. It's a start, and they are great shows.
  6. Marriage & Children

    *plays the Married, With Children theme song* lol
  7. Funerals, morgues and undertakers

    Yes, but who in their right mind would collect dead bodies? That sounds like something a necrophiliac or someone f****d in the head would do. And the smell, the nasty smell... Ugh lol
  8. Illegal Job and what they could be.

    Lol my question is how can you legally apply for the criminal career. Makes kinda sense that that career would be one you do not go through a legal system to get hired for, right?
  9. Hairy Grenade exhibition piece.

    Hair grenade museum piece? What does that even mean? An explosive hairball? Singed hair. Ugh. That won't smell pleasant.
  10. Food and Drinking?

    Lol Bleach? You serious? Sounds like something an idiot would do.
  11. Sex

    Again and again I am hearing comments about sex in Identity. Unless they can find a way to implement it that is "safe for work" it's not going to happen. This game is meant for all sorts of players at all sorts of ages. We have to keep everyone in mind when it comes to Identity.
  12. Custom Clothing Creator

    This will be a option in the business career. You will also be able to design it and sell it to a business. Question is will you be able to create it for personal use, without selling it to a business.
  13. Getting rich by luck

    I hope there is a lottery and gambling options as well. That would make things more interesting. There would have to be a chance percentage that lowers the more people that play though, or a fixed percentage if the game happens to be slots or something like that. It has to be balanced.
  14. I figured as much. For a nice place out in the country it sounds like you will have to get out there and earn.
  15. Live In Game News, TV, Raido

    You would have to stream live on YouTube in order to create a news show. Might I suggest half in-game and half real world?