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  1. Radio Stations

    i have good experience been a DJ , i have been doing for 20 years on line a know all my music ... and i can mix we bit .. and am really good at making graphics images in DJ stuff for on line Dj's for when they are on air time
  2. I like to make up my own status out, from my head witch is dark place. that no other poor fucker a live could figure me right out!!!

  3. Don't try to get in my head, you might not make it out alive.

  4. radio stations ?

    i agree with mentality there
  5. yea the more you smoke that pot , may be your brains cells will turn in to mush dumb ass
  6. Freeman Family

    this game should be keep clean. because gotten think about teenager's & younger kids are in these kind a games now a days!
  7. Freeman Family

    i am new here is well, but do not seen me moaning about finding my way around on this site!!
  8. Welcome to the world of my deepness of Darkness.... None other person may not enter my corner of darkness... if you wish to enter my corner of darkness be sure to ask me first of all....cause my corner of darkness is only for that's were a hide most times if a may in wish and wont to be found...none other than!!!