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  1. So I was wondering: Will private servers be able to be edited with some sort of map editor which maybe in or outside of game? When I mean edited, i don't really mean making new islands, I mean putting objects and buildings down. For example: If your server is having an event like a festival and that requires a stage with lighting, will they be able to put that into the map somewhere and then remove it when the festival is over?
  2. In-game Community Boards

    Or both incase you have to buy a phone so you don't have one yet
  3. In-game Community Boards

    Hi all, I had the idea that boards can be placed around in certain locations in the game which could be called "Community Boards". The idea of Community Boards would be so that players can interact with these boards and see the latest news and announcements which are made (especially useful for private RP servers). Moderators/Admins can submit articles to be placed on community boards and the boards can be split into IC and OOC sections. OOC sections would contain updates to the server for example and IC sections could be latest news that has happened in-game such as: "Male killed in car crash outside City Hall" (for example). Community Boards could also have extended sections for example: In the IC section, their could be Job Advert section and a general advert section so that people who are employing can advertise their job or people who are offering their job service to the community can advertise there. They might or might not need to pay for this (up to admins). Let me know what you think of the idea!

    I think this will be easily sorted out on private servers then official servers. Well as long as the chief of police/mods/admins aren't corrupt and take Rp seriously and their role then they should review these enquiries on the servers forum and investigate
  5. Community Service Officer

    Here in the UK, we have PCSO's and when you describe this, I immediately think of them. PCSO stands for Police Community Support Officer who doesn't have the power to arrest and isn't equipped with anything (not even pepper spray - at least I believe). So PCSO's are basically as you described these officers being and if I go ahead with the plan of making a UK based server then these will be involved in the Police and I think it's a good idea to do so. I support you on this and hopefully if the game is mod supported on it's full release then we can add these vehicles/uniforms in as part of mods. Even if it doesn't contain the full excitement of being a regular Police Officer, it's still a job which pays and will still be involved in the community and crime prevention. I'm sure there will be a lot of crime going on in servers therefore these will be useful to attend to situations such as anti-social behaviour whilst regular Police can concentrate on major crimes.
  6. Therapy

    Good self-employment job, I say you should go for it, would be interesting
  7. Thanks for giving some hopes

    So this post has to be the favourite post I've seen on this forum! Although the game has a while yet to come out, I agree that it will be awesome! I hope all the best for you in your future
  8. Who here has law enforcement "experience?"

    I am currently in London's Calling (British based Police roleplay clan in GTA IV)
  9. Biggest Dangers to Identity

    I agree with all those statements. I hope to host a UK based server, where anyone can join but might have to complete a form on the website before joining. Also I will make sure that my mods and admins can prevent these.
  10. What server (country) will you be in?

    I will be in an EU server but I will be makoing a professional and serious UK based roleplay server
  11. Home\Internet Job

    Well effectively, if you had an in-game business then you could sell your products online like ebay but I'm certain that YouTube and Twitch jobs won't work. Unless you actually have a YouTube account which you make Identity gameplay on and share it with the developers and see if they can do anything for you
  12. Rooftop Defenders

    But then I'm sure doing that will land you in jail and your business will be gone
  13. Hello all, My plan for this game, is to create a UK based role play server. Therefore I was wondering how modders can obtain the vehicle models and create mod packs for the server. Will this be easy or hard to change files? Will the game be mod supported? Will there be some sort of in-game car editor? < (Would be epic)
  14. This would be good. But I'm sure this job could be obtained as self-employment. Id they implement the feature to give others money, then you can ask people if they want a guide (or advertise it somewhere) and they can pay you in-game.
  15. Who else plans on being an Police Officer?

    On public servers yes (as I am currently in the London's Calling GTA IV clan) - But I seek to start my private role-play community where public services need applicants to sign up on the server website and go through interviews and training on the dedicated TeamSpeak server. That's my plan so far