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  1. Well, the day is almost here.

    dont forget the bikes store, we will can ride bike and i love bmx so I think will be able to get one.
  2. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    you forget PORTUGAL the winner of football
  3. Steam Paging?

    I think they are going to put in steam first and give keys to citizens.
  4. How this game will surpase even GTA

    We can compare identity with Fivem RP. The most people who play Fivem RP will leave and gonna play identity. i think this will happen, Fivem dont have much things than identity and Fivem RP have modded servers, so identity is a game not mods who work together.
  5. How it looks like ?

    i have 30$ and its perfect because i can play in 2018.
  6. Hi, im search in so many pages and videos but i cant get the final conclusion. We be able to create a company, because i want a restaurant in my company. Like buy food and serve to another people. thx.
  7. PRESTON_BODHI_343 i dont know. but devs show in lives the art and somethings about the game so for now i like the game.
  8. i have some questions. 1-we will can host a server? 2-how much cost? 3-will be able to host in TS? 4-we can get access to translate like in portuguese? 5-will have plugins to put in server? 6-you love the game? I love!!!
  9. WHY NOT?

    but fortnite have bug and every week they eliminate in update. So devs can do this but ya. i can wait more days but not more 1 mouth.
  10. WHY NOT?

    Hi, Why not give TS now to players and when devs are working, like fortnite. ok have bugs but they can focus in bugs and give the TS and every day or every week update the game. I think you, devs, can get more players again.
  11. Only a few more day

    i dont know if it cool because we dont have money and cant rent or buy a apartment or buy something but the game its so cool. i need to see.
  12. ok i pais one mouth ago so ye thx
  13. but i need to pay for play in modules?
  14. If modules arent beta and i payd for beta i can play the modules or they are free.