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  1. iRoleplay Server Application

    @JamesLuck01 - yes completely made up. There are some facts from my real life, such as my height, my car and my pets. Feel free to move it where you see fit, I thought this is an ideal place for people to introduce a character? As well as become whitelsited for my server
  2. iRoleplay Server Application

    Portrait BioName: JakeNickname: The LenderSex: MaleAge: 29Date of birth: 25/03/1987Place of birth: London, UKAccent: British / PoshHeight: 6ft 3"Build: ThinEthnicity: White BritishSocialSexuality: StraightRelationship status: SinglePersonality: Shy, Anxious, Career DrivenCareer type: Labour / workers ManagerInterests and hobbies: Pets and car restorationAssets House: Family HomeVehicle: Reliant Scimitar 1972 3.5L V6Pets: Domestic RatsWealth: Struggling, but i have an idea...Short Biography / background: My name is Jake the Lender... I can offer any one of my men (for a price) for as long as you choose. You may use my men for anything you see fit, all i ask is that you treat them with the respect and dignity that a working man once deserved. 50% of your payement will go to me - This helps keep my men warm, fed, clean and free from virus or infection. 50% will go directly to the individual of your choice - This will give them a headstart, a stepping stone, back into the world they once knew. Some return to me, some grow fond of there master. These are desperate times. If you require our services, respond below. Equally, if you need a place to call home, even for an unexpected pitstop. You know where to find us....
  3. iRoleplay Server Application

    Blank Form *PortraitBio*Name:Nickname:*Sex: *Age:Date of birth:Place of birth:*Accent: Height:*Build: Ethnicity: Social*Sexuality: *Relationship status: *Personality: *Career type: *Interests and hobbies: Assets *House:*Vehicle: *Pets:*Wealth: Short Biography / background:
  4. iRoleplay Server Application

    iRoleplay Server Application Please delete all text in blue & Yellow and replace with your own content. Please include all text in white with your own profiles. All fields marked with a * are mandatory. Any applications that do not meet the requirements or word count will be ignored. *Portrait (Insert image here) This can be any profile image from your personal gallery or from the internet. I would suggest realistic images such as a real photo of yourself (if it fits your characters look), a video game character, a mugshot, or even a silhouette if you’d like your identity to remain anonymous. Bio *Name: Nickname: *Sex: Male / Female / Unknown *Age: Date of birth: Place of birth: *Accent: British – American – Jamaican – Scandinavian – Asian – etc… Height: *Build: Must select UP TO two - Skinny - Thin – Medium – Muscular – Large – Big boned – Fat – Very muscular – Clinically obese Ethnicity: White British – Mixed ethnicity – Asian – Black / African / Caribbean – other Social *Sexuality: Must select One: Straight / Bisexual / Homosexual / Asexual *Relationship status: Single – Cohabiting – Married – Widowed – Seeing someone – Its complicated – Engaged *Personality: Placid – Confident – Loud – Quiet – Shy – Mean – Outgoing – Career Driven – Nervous – Aware – Paranoid – Anxious – Materialistic – Lazy – Motivated – Crazy - Funny – etc… *Career type: Shop worker – Manager – Stock broker – Builder – Fabricator – Plumber – Pole Dancer – Taxi driver – Bus driver – Paramedic – Armed Forces – etc… *Interests and hobbies: Cycling – Drawing – Painting – Racing – Dogging – Bird watching – etc... Assets (Feel free to include pictures) *House: No house – One room apartment – House – Family home – Mansion – etc… *Vehicle: Ford Mondeo – Chevrolet Pickup – Classic Alfa Romeo – Hot Rod – Presidential Limousine – Trike – Motorbike – Bicycle – etc.. *Pets: Dog – Cat – Rats – Bird – Snake – Iguana – Mother in law – etc… *Wealth: Broke – Poor – Struggling – Average wealth – Wealthy – Very Wealthy - Millionaire Short Biography / background: Must be 150 words maximum - you can copy and paste text into this link to check word count: https://wordcounter.net/ 1) Copy blank form below 2) Read the requirements 3) Fill out form and repost in this thread
  5. Most annoying Role to Play

    Haha well I guess we're from completely different areas then lol. Fair enough, they might deal a little here and there. But they aren't farming it, picking it, and distributing thousands of pounds worth lol. It's been done to death, that's all I'm saying
  6. Lovely new screenshot

    Probably already been posted, got this in an email today from the Dev team. Enjoohooyyyyy
  7. Bums for hire - Desperate times

    Jake sends one of his men to the location. He'd never touch incriminating evidence himself, if something were to go wrong, it would be really bad for business. Instead, he sends Mick. Mick was a notorious car thief years ago until Jake took him in. His past could prove useful here. Armed with just a pair of gloves and a screwdriver, Mick successfully picks up, hotwires and drops the car right outside the local police station with a huge note on the widscreen reading "JUSTICE". Written using some lipstick he found in the glove box. Jake texts Ryver - "It's done".
  8. In a Jam?

    I have a feeling we will be working closely in the coming months.
  9. Most annoying Role to Play

    My top 5 biggest annoyances in any multilayer role play game. The Russian - people who do a bad Russian accent to seem more menacing. The mute - people who have no mic in 2017, but there character 'has no voice anyway' so it's alright. (How many people have you EVER met that are mute) The mass murderer / hardened military person - the guy who goes round killing everyone, then tries to role play it out, because they think it's fun to ruin everyone else's experience. These people are always dripping in camo clothing and have had world class gun training (how realistic). The drug dealer - fair enough, these role play games are generally based around drug smuggling and making money illigally (I think identity is no exception) but this character is always VERY overplayed. I've never, EVER met a drug dealer IRL, but hey, maybe I live on the nice side of town? God mode - the players who turn every situation around (using role play, usually text chat) to benefit their own character. These people never seem to die or get injured because they always have a trick up there sleeve like "picks lock and escapes unharmed". Personally, if the interaction is fun / funny / interesting, and I end up dieing to good role play, it's more fun than surviving through shoddy workarounds. On the whole, these games or servers are normally ruined by people with a lack of imagination. Poor imagination is ok! But using poor role play on top of that becomes very frustrating for other people. That's why I like role play on Twitch, it's not that server rules protect from bad experiences, it's that the level of quality role play is much higher because there is an audience. I'm not salty, im just bored of seeing huge potential ruined by unrealistic encounters and interactions. Discuss?
  10. Bums for hire - Desperate times

    "Consider it done, give me the location of the car and I'll have it brought to the polices attention anonymously". "At what price?" Ryver asked, pleasantly surprised... "Dinner.... on me, and bring a cup of that expensive coffee that I've seen you drinking for each one of my men, they need something to get them going on these cold, early mornings." Ryver paused and tilted her head slightly, raised one eyebrow and gave but a suggestion of a smile... Again she looked pleasantly surprised with Jakes request. She had seen him most mornings on that same corner, as if he was waiting for her to pass by, just to get a glimpse. She hadn't noticed it before, but now it started to make sense.
  11. Bums for hire - Desperate times

    "May I have one?" Ryver gives Jake a cigarette. "It really depends if you need me or my men. Obviously my time is invaluable. I have a place to run. More than just a few hours away from this place could ruin everything I've been working for. Let's stop beating around the bush, tell me exactly what you need and I'll give you a price." Ryver looks nervous. She knows Jake isn't going to like what he's about to hear.
  12. Bums for hire - Desperate times

    "What do you need? I don't mean to be forward, but you know my services come at a price". Jake offers her a seat near a fire - "Don't sit too close, I dont want that nice suit smelling of smoke... tell me what's going on then".
  13. Bums for hire - Desperate times

    Jake opens the gate and asks the lady if she's lost... she seems lost. The lady explained that she's had a change of heart today and that she'd like to come in and talk. As always, Jake welcomes newcomers with open arms. He invites her through the gate.
  14. Bums for hire - Desperate times

    Jake noticed the expensive car drive past, the lady driving looked physically stressed and drained. Her mind looked occupied with modern life, Jake tilts his hat in acknowledgement and understanding. The lady nods and passes.
  15. Bums for hire - Desperate times

    Hi Bodhi Preston, I'm happy to have a meeting with you in order to work out better living facilities for my men. Although you must understand, this is how I make my living. Nothing in this life is free, people must work for a good life these days. I'm sure you can appreciate my my concern. If you let me know what you have in mind, maybe I can offer my services in return.