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Found 3 results

  1. hello it's to know if I can for example be a business leader and criminal. Because if we only do criminal we have no cover. Could you be a policeman and criminal (a fake policeman).
  2. Dark City

    This is innitially a continuation from a previous RP that was started in a different thread. It went well, so we decided to make a new thread just for it, beginning in what we call "Season 2." Anyone is welcome to join. The story is set in the cities of Identity and the theme seems to have a bit of a Gotham feel to it. Crime, justice, and a dash of twisted insanity. A world where there are no battle wizards astride dragons, or fairies weaving flower garlands for elves. There are, however, sinister science experiments, genetic mutations, dark rituals and cryptic things that you thought only existed in nightmares. The world is what you make it, and dark minds, I find, tend to be a bit more fun. So welcome all, to Dark City. RULES: 1. PLEASE try to type as clearly as possible. Relax, take your time, it will yield less typos. Avoid shorthand and proofread your post before submitting. 2. No god-moding. You can not control other people's characters (unless previously arranged), and you are not immune to damage. 3. We all have lives. As such, you will be given 3 days to post a reaction. After that, you will be skipped. The show must go on. 4. NO BULLYING. We simply will not have it. If you're being a dick, you will be killed off in the story and blocked from the thread. If we think of more necessary rules, we will update this accordingly. Participants of Season 1: Because this is its own thread and new people may be joining, please post a brief recap of your character's events in the previous chapter. Thank you and enjoy! *fires a gun in the air*
  3. iRoleplay Server Application

    iRoleplay Server Application Please delete all text in blue & Yellow and replace with your own content. Please include all text in white with your own profiles. All fields marked with a * are mandatory. Any applications that do not meet the requirements or word count will be ignored. *Portrait (Insert image here) This can be any profile image from your personal gallery or from the internet. I would suggest realistic images such as a real photo of yourself (if it fits your characters look), a video game character, a mugshot, or even a silhouette if you’d like your identity to remain anonymous. Bio *Name: Nickname: *Sex: Male / Female / Unknown *Age: Date of birth: Place of birth: *Accent: British – American – Jamaican – Scandinavian – Asian – etc… Height: *Build: Must select UP TO two - Skinny - Thin – Medium – Muscular – Large – Big boned – Fat – Very muscular – Clinically obese Ethnicity: White British – Mixed ethnicity – Asian – Black / African / Caribbean – other Social *Sexuality: Must select One: Straight / Bisexual / Homosexual / Asexual *Relationship status: Single – Cohabiting – Married – Widowed – Seeing someone – Its complicated – Engaged *Personality: Placid – Confident – Loud – Quiet – Shy – Mean – Outgoing – Career Driven – Nervous – Aware – Paranoid – Anxious – Materialistic – Lazy – Motivated – Crazy - Funny – etc… *Career type: Shop worker – Manager – Stock broker – Builder – Fabricator – Plumber – Pole Dancer – Taxi driver – Bus driver – Paramedic – Armed Forces – etc… *Interests and hobbies: Cycling – Drawing – Painting – Racing – Dogging – Bird watching – etc... Assets (Feel free to include pictures) *House: No house – One room apartment – House – Family home – Mansion – etc… *Vehicle: Ford Mondeo – Chevrolet Pickup – Classic Alfa Romeo – Hot Rod – Presidential Limousine – Trike – Motorbike – Bicycle – etc.. *Pets: Dog – Cat – Rats – Bird – Snake – Iguana – Mother in law – etc… *Wealth: Broke – Poor – Struggling – Average wealth – Wealthy – Very Wealthy - Millionaire Short Biography / background: Must be 150 words maximum - you can copy and paste text into this link to check word count: 1) Copy blank form below 2) Read the requirements 3) Fill out form and repost in this thread