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Found 4 results

  1. The Waiting Times

    Hi guys I dont know what you guys think but here is my meaning: As far as i know the identity game is from 2016 It has so much delays.... The task tracker is so slow... How long would we wait for the full release??? Is it going to be as slow as the process of the town square?? Because when it does its gonna take another year maybe two to finish full game release... What do you guys think?
  2. Mod Support

    Hey, I was just wondering when the full game comes out will there be any form of mod support like the ability to customize the in-game car's skins or to customize the light patterns on the police cars or even get different police cars in general. I've been naming a lot of skinning and accessibility to cars but I'm just curious about how far you will be able to customize the game so it doesn't become old but if you cant at all I fully understand. And yes I did read that it is a possibility in the future but my intent on this post is to have a steady ground on what will be accessible to mod in the game.
  3. Vote what you think when it will release and possibly add a reason why.
  4. How will the servers work will we need to start a new character and start from scratch when we enter different servers or will the servers remember our charactors and all the things we have and earned what's happening with this please