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Found 4 results

  1. Starlight Co. Marketing and Advertisment Company 12th April 2017 OVERVIEW What we do as Starlight Co. is to help every other business, small or big to reach a bigger audience. We will help you get your name out there, help you get new connections and get your words out there to the public. Here's an example on what we plan on doing as one of our services. If said Client contacts us with a new product, in this example we say a new car! We talk with our client about this car, what kind of audience he wants to reach out to and how he wants to advertise it. In this example, he wants to reach out to people who has a low budget, and are in need of a car. So what we then do is that we look for places where we can possibly put a billboard, a sign, or anything that will get the message out. When people then see this advertisment, and get interested, they will be redirected directly to the client, and he takes care of the sell from there. If said client is in need of further help with his sells, we can help him on that note as well. GOALS To help the citizens of Identity get aware of the different businesses out in the world. Help different businesses get bigger, and help them advertise their product and services. SPECIFICATIONS Our job is to help you reach new audience. We will help you find places to sell your product, we will help you recruit new people to help you grow as well and help you create a billboard or something similar as such. MILESTONES Clients Our first milestone is to recruit 5 Clients that we will help grow bigger. Get Our Own Name Out We want to grow big, so we can help smaller businesses grow big as well. It’s all about teamwork and partnership. Staff & Ranks We’ve got different ranks within the company, and we need your help to grow and help us help others. Our ranks within the company are as such: President: Alphoni (max: 1) Vice President: - (max: 1) Chief Executive Officer: - (max: 1) Chief Operations Officer: - (max: 1) Chief Marketing Officer: - (max: 1) Chief Communications Officer: - (max: 1) Chief Designing Officer: - (max: 1) Recruiter: - (max: ∞) Designer: - (max: ∞) How do I join? Well, joining shouldn't be a problem! We do have some requirements, but I'll tell you more about that later. As of right now, I have not started recruiting yet. I will explain the ranks, add/edit some things later on. Thank you for reading through this post! Kind regards, Alphoni
  2. Advertising Agencies

    Hi all! This is my first post, but I've been lurking the forums for a while and it's great to be here! I had an idea for a particular business venture, pertaining to the field of advertising, media, and design. Agencies would be able to: - purchase billboards/poster spots around the map, which can then be used to generate income through displaying adverts. The potential for advert locations is practically limitless, and could be as simple as a concert poster on the wall of a cafe, but could be as complex as truck liveries, adverts on planes, or adverts on huge screens in the city centre. These could be interactive and would take customers directly to the webpage/store of the business. - work with businesses to design logos, create adverts, and promote their businesses - employ designers/consultants - create adverts for TV (with a similar system to Rockstar Editor, if it were ever to be implemented) Of course, an agency wishing to expand would need to purchase a studio, hire designers, and actively contact prospective businesses for future growth. This is a business I would certainly be interested in building in the world of Identity, so would be interested in seeing if there was interest from the rest of the community! Thanks, eljayb
  3. Advertisements on Vehicle's

    I just want to see what the community thinks about my idea. I got this idea because in England we have bus' and well they have advertisements on the side of them e.g. showing new/ latest films, and more products. I just think that this would allow for business' paying bus companies for advertisement space for a set duration. This gives a lot more chance for people to see the adverts as the bus' are moving around areas. Guys what do you think and give your own ideas.
  4. Underground Racing - Chop Shop Ad

    Generally found littered on the floor and taped to walls in alleys and prime meetup locations, this poster can be found all over Identity telling you that you need an upgrade! Underground Racing runs various chop shops throughout the island and provides anything from a fresh coat of paint to a brand new imported engine. Come to your local garage and pick out a sweet set of rims and tires and get a spare set, absolutely FREE! More offers inside! So what are you waiting for? Bring that crummy car for an upgrade today, you wont regret it. For more info on our different services, please visit our website and make an order today! Chop Shop