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  1. Hi, i like this project.

    POGGERS Big Fan Kappa
  2. Hello from germany

    Hello! Welcome to the community, we hope you enjoy your time here Regards, Wilson
  3. Redeemed my game key and game is not in my libary?

    The game will be available very soon. The games back files on steamdb is constantly being update with new patches. This is how we are keeping track of it
  4. I think it's time to say "Thank you" to the Team!

    Well Said! Glad to see some motivation still being given out to the team
  5. Why re-create what has already been done? If it's out there then use it. If it was such a big problem im sure SC would have something to say
  6. Hello @RebSevenFour No we are not affliated with anyone. Just a new start up
  7. We are looking for More Members and People who are good at Coding? If you are interested PM me
  8. Ahh lovely, thanks for spotting that for me And when you purchase a license you are allowed to own the what came with the site Again thanks for spotting that error. Couldn’t have seen it without you
  9. Discord Server

    Good idea but as @Taxibutlersaid we have an offical discord already so would be no need unless you have your own community
  10. Computer can't be booted

    Locked how? Could you send a Image?
  11. Actually it was off the ips website and I didn’t say i made the site myself. Thanks
  12. Games like Identity

    but u cannot say that a team looks more professional because they show themselves
  13. Games like Identity

    Just because they show you what the devs look like doesn't mean it is more professional. Some teams prefer not to show who they are so they cannot be found.
  14. @BlueJ Will be nice to see another community come up. Need any help just ask Thanks
  15. I am currently still improving the site now, it is 100% fully functional. The reason we are not so heavy on the recruiting is because alot of people are just getting bummed about the wait for the TS. Once this comes out i think people would then be more interested in finding a community ready for the full release.