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  1. Geography Game

  2. Translation

    PshI pshwas pshinking pshe pshsame pshway. Sorry, I just couldn't resist.
  3. Geography Game

    Alajärvi (Finland)
  4. Rate the above song

    This song has a Grammy and stands at the top of many "All Time Blah-Blah" billboards. That's enough for me to say that you can't make a cover which would be better than the original, so 8/10 seems like a reasonable score.
  5. Rate the above song

    8/10 In my opinion, "Hotel California" is not the song that you should cover, even if you're good enough at doing covers and stuff. Here's some post-punk classic for you, guys. This punk is so post that my dad still cant stop listening to it xD.
  6. Factories and Manufactories

    I think that this topic should be moved to Q&A. @HairyGrenade, it's your turn.
  7. Death

    Ok, I got you. The whole new character thing won't fit very well. It would be more awesome for everybody to choose their characters destiny in a way that @Herzog have suggested in his last post.
  8. Bonjour les gens

    Hey, everyone! I was posting here for a couple of days without introducing myself. My name is Qurttu (from finnish Kerttu). I'm a videomaker and a PC Enthusiast temporarily living in a relatively small Finnish city called Kotka. I was following the Indentity since the beginning because it is truly the game of my dream. I hope that it'll justify all of my and other people's expectations after the final release. As a little bonus to the whole introduction thing I have a profile and 3D render of my RP character for you.
  9. Death

    You're right to some extent, guys. Now lets just hope that @Motown or @Paratus will accidently stumble upon this topic (actually, this won't happen by accident cos I already mentioned them here xD)
  10. Death

    Indeed, it's a very great and revolutionary idea which'll improve the roleplaying, but you forgot to mention what exactly should happen after your characters death (like a death from a fatal wound when you just cant be saved) . I think that it should be the compelete removal of your dead character and a throwback to character creation menu where you'll be given an opportunity to make a completely new one. P.S. Someone might not like the idea because it has its pros and cons
  11. Sound Development and making movies!

    I'm a cinematographer myself and I just have to say the exact same thing that was in commercial photography topic. To make really professional (or at least suitable) and good looking films each and every part of this process needs to be as close as possible to the real world which makes it a very hard task to accomplish for such relatively small studio like Asylum.
  12. I could be wrong, but there's no any official info yet regarding this topic. Btw, it should be moved to Q&A (or Town Square). May the @HairyGrenade be with us!
  13. Rate the above song

    8.5/10 Listened to them time to time. In my opinion, it's one of the best groove metal bands. Here's some ambient for you, guys.
  14. Perhaps it'll be implemented as an animation (talking about hugging), but other things...just no....
  15. There's not so many of them if we're talking about plants and farming.