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Found 12 results

  1. Luke "The Heartless" Bond

    Name: Luke Bond Age:23 Background: He was Born on a sunny day in LA on 23/07/1994. He was the son of two loving parents he had a sister and a brother. Sometimes his brother would play fight with him but it got too rough then, one day, he decided to join the army and, given that Luke looked up to his brother, he was happy for him even though he knew the possibility his brother might not come back from war. Luke would cry for hours hoping that he would come back safe and sound In school Luke would sit and read by himself. He always kept a locket around his neck with a picture of his family, it helped him feel safe and comfortable. One day when he came home from school, he got a knock on the door and his mother answered. She was shocked there was a man in military uniform holding a neatly folded uniform in his hands. She knew what had happened and, deep down, so did Luke. He dropped to the floor sobbing his eyes, distraught that he had lost his brother, the person to whom he looked up the most. When he reached the age of 18 he decided to join the army to honour his brother’s memory. His parents and sister were trying to stop him from going but they couldn’t, he was too determined. Two days into boot camp in San Diego, Luke already had had enough. He was sweating like a pig, he felt like he was about to die he was working through the pain he got shouted at the most by his training officer saying things like “you will never make it here if you don't work for it maggot!” He started to work harder than ever, honing his skills and body to tough out the training, his resolve strengthening with every passing day. In training, he met Sasha Eve and was instantly taken by her strength and personality. They found out that they had a lot in common over the 12 weeks of boot camp. He finally made his way through boot camp and officially became amarine, a regular trooper, he was deployed to Iraq under Operation Iraqi Freedom, assigned to Royal Marine Commando . Luckily enough, Sasha was deployed in the same unit with him. One day, barely into the campaign, they were patrolling when they were ambushed by insurgents with heavy explosives and assault rifles, barely able to fend off their attackers before backup arrived. One of their attackers, a man they later captured, attempted to detonate a fragmentation grenade inside the building they were hunkered down in; fortunately, Sasha was able to catch him off guard and wounded him before he even unpinned the explosive. Their regiment decided to retreat once they had dispatched the remaining insurgents. When they returned, Luke thanked Sasha for saving his life, knowing he would have died if that grenade had made it through the window. They grew close over their battle bond and started to develop feelings for each other. They decided to not try things whilst they were serving but decided to get together once they finished their service. After they got out of the military, they decided to make good on all the plans they made when they were in the military, starting off with buying a small house on the beach in LA. On their first evening in the house, they invited Luke’s parents over for dinner, they quickly grew to like Sasha and soon, with approval, they were on the fast track for engagement. After their service, they still longed to return to the life of the military,But he knew if he went back to the army again he might not return so instead he decided to join the police force but he got cold mean aggressive Sarah left him for a lawyer and Luke did not like this he started working with gang members becoming a informant and getting gang members out of jail who know's how long he can keep doing this for Until the day someone finds out......
  2. Hello All!

    Hello All! I’m Katie from Massachusetts. I’ve played games my whole life, always looked for a game like this! Years ago Sims online was out but difficult to play without constant harassment lol, really hoping this ones different, super excited to play and make new friends!
  3. Greetings

    Hello everyone i have been following this game for a long time, and one thing i can honestly say is that i am excited! Iv seen the game grow and watched announcements and its amazing to see the devs and staff working constantly and making something amazing! Im purchasing my beta today so hopefully be seeing you all in town square Keep up the great work! And also hello everyone!
  4. Hello From The Netherlands!

    Hello, Let me formally introduce myself, I am from holland 28 year old female from the netherlands! I came acros this game info from youtube and i am glad i found out about this game am super hyped and would like to keep myself updated for the future might not be able to play it tho cause saving up for a game pc the game looks heavy but hey! if i can follow some shots on streams thats also good Well have a nice day, (got a screaming toddler next to my screen lol)
  5. Hey All, My name is Jack, I come from the UK and nearing 20 years old in just one month! I've been gaming for many years and very much a lot of PC gaming at that too. But it doesn't hurt to do some console gaming now and again. One of the main games I have played during the last couple of years would be Garry's Mod. Over 2000 hours and do I feel ashamed by that? A little yes, but my time on that game has been slightly productive! Anyways, I found the game on Facebook and it really interested me a lot. I've always wanted a true and perhaps proper roleplaying game which isn't Garry's Mod, perhaps isn't too strict but strict enough to keep the game fun. I loved the huge world and videos that I have seen about this game and I am betting my money on this game which I why I am gonna be buying access to Beta when that becomes available. I don't really have much to say at the moment since I am writing this at a near 3 AM in the morning. So I am happy to meet you all and I cannot wait to play this game! Feel free to ask questions if you wanna know about me via response or PM if you are able to do that on here. Toodle Loo! - MadJack
  6. Hello from Ohio, USA!

    Hey everyone I'm a new backer(aka way after the kickstarter) and recently purchased the apartment owner tier of the backer pledges. I'm 25, and a Ohio native for my entire life. I really love backing games with great ideas and really this game(being that is it similar to Second Life in many ways) is really what I've been looking for all the time. I'm really excited to meet all of you and become a part of the community and to help gather attention to the game in real life as well. Can't wait to meet all your "Identities"(see what I did there I basically make dad jokes but i'm not even a dad) Mantisoli
  7. Hey From Black Blade

    Hello all i am the Black Blade, i am a cutting edge Blade from the land of the internet, i like to have fun, i like to goof around, and i like to create stuff (why i program), i am a big fan of gaming and the Community that comes with it from the very start of the internet So few tags some know me by Developer (Games and Software), YouTuber, Mad man, fan of anime, movies, and most of all puzzles
  8. Hello From Detroit, MI

    Hello, I come from another medium that has been around for quite some time. However, it seems to be a dying world called is basically left with the devoted population, however, it will probably not see an influx of people as in the past. Therefore, people are looking for other mediums. A friend suggested I look at Identity, and I was extremely impressed! I hope to be a great part of it and bring along some of my failed projects from If you ever decide to try There.come, look me up, avatar name DaRock. I hope to bring my start-up machinima company Purple Sloth Entertainment into Identity. Great to see such spark of interest here. Looking forward to playing with you all!
  9. Hello from The Cheeseheads!

    Hello, my name is Brendan. I just wanted to introduce myself so I could try and be part of this community, and what a wonderful community it is! This game looks SO amazing, it's everything I've wanted in a game. I've played Garry's Mod DarkRP, and it just doesn't have enough roleplay in it. So when I found this game, I got so excited. I'm really looking forward to being part of the community and having fun in Identity, and hello to all!
  10. Hi

    Hi,I'm Daniel ourichi,well that's my 2nd live in England,London im a 14 yr old. I currently studying computer science (coding) and geography. I have mild depression and dysbraxia NOT DYSLEXIA! I hope to meet you ig when it gets live
  11. Gotta Love Class

    Hello everyone! My forum name is Nave, I'm excited to follow the development of Identity, hangout on the forums, post, read, chat, and prepare for the day we get to jump in-game. I've played many roleplaying games over the past 5 years, some being ARMA Life servers, Garry's Mod, RPG's, and many other life/roleplaying games. Needless to say I've put thousands of hours into fake lives. I look forward to seeing you around. Stay Classy My Friends!
  12. Please welcome the volunteer forum moderators that will be assisting Identity's Community staff in its day to day operations! This team has been specially selected from the Identity forums for their reputation for remaining unbiased during forum discussions, and for their interests in making a difference within the Identity community. However, some of these individuals may be recognized as volunteer Administrators from Asylum Entertainment's "Asylum Altis Life," a modification for ArmA 3, and are trusted to continue the renowned work that they have become known for. Each member of Identity's volunteer forum staff has their own unique personality and moderation style. We hope that you will get your first taste of who these individuals are from this introduction topic. Thank you for being a part of the Identity community!