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  1. Do you have steam or something

    1. DaRock


      Yes, my name on steam is Kingston (picture with blue flaming skull)

    2. Qlight123


      Ill add you Im qlight123

    3. DaRock


      accepted :D


  2. Hello From Detroit, MI

    Hello, I come from another medium that has been around for quite some time. However, it seems to be a dying world called There.com. There.com is basically left with the devoted population, however, it will probably not see an influx of people as in the past. Therefore, people are looking for other mediums. A friend suggested I look at Identity, and I was extremely impressed! I hope to be a great part of it and bring along some of my failed projects from There.com. If you ever decide to try There.come, look me up, avatar name DaRock. I hope to bring my start-up machinima company Purple Sloth Entertainment into Identity. Great to see such spark of interest here. Looking forward to playing with you all!
  3. Who wants to be friends

    count me in!