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  1. What will Roseport look like?

    Does anyone happen to have any art of Turtle Beach saved? Edit: Nevermind, I found it. Love it.
  2. Computer can't be booted

    You can clearly see from my prior comment that I don’t know anything about computers, but I can say that Windows 10 is 100% better than 7 or 8. Since your problem was found to have no correlation to you having upgraded to Windows 10, I’d suggest you stick with it.
  3. Supercar Saturday!

    Hey, the Discord invitation seems to not be working anymore. I was wondering if you’d mind pming me a new one. Thanks! Sounds super fun!
  4. Fan artwork submission!

    Not sure about the likelihood of models being implemented, but remember that you can always submit the art you make in game to the gallery or even sell it!
  5. Character customization options won’t be complete until full release. Even Town Square will not have 100% of what is planned for character creation. The best option would be to spend as much time as you need to create a character you’re happy with when the game is released in its entirety on Steam.
  6. Which is the best Smartphone ?

    I got my iPhone X last December and I love it. The adjustment for the gestures takes less than a week to get used to, the speakers are amazing and the screen is beautiful. My only complaint is the new way to take a screenshot is a little bit uncomfortable, but it's definitely not a deal breaker. If you're an iPhone person, then I definitely recommend the X.
  7. Computer can't be booted

    Did you try asking it nicely? I'm obviously a professional.
  8. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

  9. Anonymous

    This is an interesting concept, but I think that it could be improved. I don't think that there is anything wrong with someone being ultimately successful in business. I don't think you need to attack someone that got rich off of their own hard work and ideas. I may be misunderstanding, but it sounds kind of like you want everyone to be on the same level, always. (AKA Communism) Which is a little bit unfair to those that did work hard enough to be on top. I think if you really wanted to make this work, you could turn it into an organization that scares powerful people into working with you so that you can profit off of their business, or you could possibly have strong influence in political decisions if you were able to scare the right people. I think that you could keep the idea of being a vigilante for the people, but I think that you're executing the wrong way. Killing someone and taking all of their assets just because they're more successful than you is hate crime on the basis of jealousy.
  10. Human Trafficking

    This is sick and disgusting. I can't believe you even suggested this. Please do not bring this up again.
  11. Career Poll(improved)

    I'm thinking that maybe you should add Medical and Law, so that I can vote. Thanks.
  12. Things You Want In Game.

    @SilberDrachen893 I too am really hoping for realistic physics and handling. I also almost screamed with excitement when I heard Motown say turning signal in a recent video. I've dreamed of having realistic cars in a "non-racing" game for as long as I can remember. The only thing is that I'm hoping people aren't gonna drive like dicks. There are going to be speed limits, traffic signs and lights, and I'm hoping that people will stay on the right side of the road.
  13. Things You Want In Game.

    Malls are already confirmed. And there have to be car parks if there are gonna be cars, otherwise where would you park? There probably won't be abandoned buildings, unfortunately. But there will be docks.
  14. A arcade?

    There will probably be a midway in the fair where you can win physical prizes, but I don't think there will be arcade games. Having games inside of a game might be a little too much for the servers to handle. I could be wrong though.