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  1. Dark City

    ((sorry about being away, I think I should be able to be a bit more consistent now)) Kevin watches the Cadillac drive off, leaving two bodies on the ground. He starts the engine on the Mustang and begins the long drive back to Roseport. After several hours driving (and several back roads), Kevin finally pulls up outside of his shop. Kevin heads inside and opens the garage door, bringing the Mustang inside. Kevin opens the trunk pulling a duffel bag out containing the promised money. "Well he didn't lie" Kevin grabs a screwdriver, removing the plates from the Mustang. Next he grabs a car cover, tossing it over the car. Kevin flops down on the couch, the full weight of the last two days finally washing over him. Just then Kevin's phone rings. "Hello?" "What do you mean you got it?" "Well that is great news, drop her off at the shop, I owe you big time" Kevin flops back on the couch, staring into space for a few minutes before his sight focuses once more, this time on the bag of money. He jumps up and grabs the bag, heading into the shops small office space. Kevin opens a small safe under the desk, and starts to place the money inside. As Kevin locks the safe, he hears a knock at the door. He opens it up and sees a old friend of his. "Jack, good to see you buddy!" "Just because I saved your car from being crushed is no reason to act like this" The two men stare at each other for a few moments before bursting into laughter and giving a large bro-hug. "For real though, good to see you. Open up one of the bays and I will tow her in here" Kevin opens a garage door, and Jack backs his flat bed with Kevin's destroyed 240sx on top. "Fucking hell, I was in that shit" "I took a look at the frame, and it is properly fucked" "Shit, that was a clean car when I bought it too, cost me way to much money to wreck it that fast. Fuck, I was supposed to go and do some show drifting this weekend" "So whats the plan? I know you, your bound to have another car you can take somewhere" "I guess I could break the E30 out, I haven't driven that little beast in a while" "And this car?" Jack points at the ruined Nissan "Strip what I can off of it, most of the powertrain should be recoverable" "Alright man, need a ride anywhere?" "Thanks for the offer, but I need to take the Bronco back to storage anyways" "Okay then, have a good night man, get some rest, you look like shit" "Fair enough, see you around" Once Jack has left, Kevin locks the shop up and heads back to his apartment in his Bronco. Kevin parks outside and heads up to his apartment on the third floor. He tosses his plaid jacket onto the back of the couch and heads into his bedroom where he flops down on the bed. Just before passing out Kevin notices his clock reads 2:30 am. Kevin wakes up the next morning at ten, grabs his hat from where it fell off his head in the night, and grabs his coat off the back of the couch and heads down to his truck. He drives across to the city outskirts into a fenced off property with the only building being a large barn. Kevin stops in front of the barn, and opens the door, driving the Bronco inside. Kevin parks, hoping out, and heads to a metal box on the wall. He opens the cover revealing several rows of single keys. He hooks the Bronco's key onto a empty hook, and scans the rest of the keys, eventually grabbing a single key with a red tag. Kevin then flips on a light switch, revealing a row of covered cars stretching through most of the barn. Kevin walks down the row, stopping mid way down, and pulling the cover off, revealing a lowered red 1990 BMW E30 M3 with gold rims. Kevin unlocks the door and sits down, memories flooding over him. He shuts the door and fires up the engine, letting it idle for a few minutes while he got a sense for the old cars condition. Once satisfied, he sets off, locking the barn behind him.
  2. Dark City

    "What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you get off on this shit?" Kevin looks around, panic as the riddle repeats over and over in his head. After a few minutes he starts to mutter under his breath. "Breath man, you can figure this out. Just breathe... breath" Kevin perks up and looks directly at the man in the mask. "The faster I go, the harder my breath is to catch" Before the man in the mask has time to answer, Kevin hits the gas, popping the clutch, and doing a burnout as he heads onto the street. Kevin lets the car bounce off the rev limiter a few times before shifting into second, and he starts to laugh. After several seconds he stares into the eyes of the masked man while continuing to accelerate. "So, the far side of the island then is it?"
  3. Dark City

    As Kevin drives he notices the black car following him. Kevin begins to take extra turns, watching the car continuing to follow him. After a while, Kevin eventually looses the car in the city streets. Kevin breathes a sigh of relief and sits back as he continues to drive. Suddenly as Kevin drives through a intersection he is blinded by a bright light from the side. Kevin's car is t-boned and is sent rolling, eventually coming to a stop on its roof, Kevin slowly drifts in and out of conciseness. *Three Years earlier* "And why should I loan you 100 thousand dollars" The man leans back in his chair, smoking a cigar, staring at Kevin. "Because I know when I win, I will pay you back with half my winnings from this race, more than three times your money" *One month later* Kevin sits behind the wheel of his heavily modified Golf GTI, looking at the flashing red and blue lights starting to close on his car. "Fuck me" Kevin sees the police gaining and plants his foot to the floor on the accelerator pedal. Seeing that Kevin is starting to pull away, the nearest cop rams the rear end of his car, causing Kevin to spin out of control and hit the center barrier, flipping the car. As Kevin tries to climb out of the wreck, saved by the roll cage, and dumb luck, a gunshot is heard, and a searing pain felt in his shoulder, jerking Kevin awake.
  4. Dark City

    Kevin stands in the room taking it all in. After a few moments he turns to Marco "Look, there is a reason I turned legit. I used to jack cars, and was a driver for hire, but no more. I got sick of being paranoid that every car that took the same turn as me was a Fed. I gave up street racing because of that shit. And you know what, on the way over here I could have sworn I saw someone following me. So far today you have asked me to prove to you that I'm a good driver, but all you've shown me is that you are just some guy with money who can rob a gas station. That kind of shit just ain't worth jail time, I could have made more working in my shop for one hour than you probably pulled from that station, so if you ever think of a better reason than just a fucking paycheck, get in contact" Kevin pulls the handgun out from his waistband and tosses it on the table. As Kevin turns towards the door, he pulls out a smoke and lights it as he walks out into the night. As Kevin walks up to his car, he flicks the cigarette butt, opens the door, and gets in. Kevin floors the gas pedal, the v8 and tires screaming as he pulls out. As Kevin angrily drives away, a blacked out car pulls out several blocks back and starts to tail him.
  5. Dark City

    After dropping Marco off, Kevin slips the piece of paper into the back pocket of his jeans before heading out again, still in the Mustang. After a short drive, Kevin arrives as a building covered in graffiti. Kevin gets out and walks over to the large garage door and bangs on it. Once it opens he tosses the Mustang keys to the man. "I come bearing gifts. 7th gen Mustang out here, and it's hot. You know what to do" Kevin walks in the building, looking at the cars in various states of disassembly "Hey boss, I thought you were getting away from this kind of shit" "I did, but you know shit happens" "Right then. Just a heads up, Rob dropped your Silvia off 'round back" "Thanks Jack, have a good one" Kevin heads to the back of the building as Jack gets in and drives the Mustang into the chop shop. Kevin takes off in the S14, heading towards the docks. Looking at the time, Kevin notices that it's starting to get late. By the time he gets to the docks it's after eleven thirty. Kevin flips the underglow lighting on and begins to drift around the docks. After drifting around for a while, Kevin notices loud music coming from one of the warehouses. He drives closer, parks his car, and checks the time seeing that it's quarter past midnight. Kevin gets out and lights a cigarette as he walks towards the warehouse.
  6. Dark City

    Kevin watches as Marco runs inside. "What the fuck is going on" He looks over the alleyway quickly, and satisfied he sees no cameras, Kevin quickly checks the handgun given to him. Satisfied, he stuffs it in his jeans waistband, pulling the back of his plaid jacket over it. Kevin then tosses the balaclava and heads around to the front of the store, pulling his hat down low, and his coat collar high. Kevin spots a man step out of a Mustang, and heads over towards him. Just as the two men are about to pass, Kevin pretends to trip and fall into the other man. "What the hell man, watch where you're going" "Shit, sorry man" The two men head their own ways, and once Kevin is certain he is a good distance away, he pulls the man's keys out of his pocket and heads over to the Mustang. Kevin gets in the car, starts it, and heads in front of the 7-Eleven, where he waits for Marco. "Who the fuck does this guy think he is, dressing like that and hitting a fucking convenience store. What the hell am I getting myself into" While sitting, Kevin sends a text to a close friend to come and tow his car from the alleyway.
  7. Dark City

    After a moment of consideration Kevin replies. "That is something I can work with. You still have me at a bit of a disadvantage though, so before I agree to anything I need to know about the types of jobs you all run, and just where I fit in" Kevin finishes his smoke tossing it in a nearby puddle. ((Sorry for the short post, I'm at work and wanted to get something up))
  8. Dark City

    Kevin closes and locks the door after watching the man drive away. He heads over to the mini fridge and grabs a beer bottle out, popping the lid off on the edge of the fridge. He heads over to the only other vehicle in the garage aside from his Bronco. Kevin pulls the cover off the top revealing his Lsx swapped 1997 Nissan S14. After firing the engine up, Kevin sits in the drivers seat for a minute or two thinking. His mind made up, he gets out and heads over to his truck, grabbing his Zippo out, opening the bay door in front of his car and heads back to the car. Kevin quickly slams the rest of his beer down, tossing the bottle out the window as he heads out. Stopping at the 7-eleven, Kevin buys a pack of smokes before driving around to the back of the store, into the alley. Kevin steps out of the car, lighting a cigarette as he does so. Seeing a man standing there that he assumes to be the same guy from before judging by the Supra, Kevin speaks up as he leans against the hood of his car. "Look, I don't know who you are, but if you know of me well enough to seek me out despite me being out of the game for the last year, you should know that 5% is just a straight up insult" Kevin pauses to take another drag from his smoke before continuing. "Besides my time has recently become quite valuable, I'm going to need a minimum of 15%" Kevin leans back and waiting for a reply. ((@NyanRadscorpion))
  9. Rate the above song

  10. Dark City

    A mud covered, lifted, 1984 Ford Bronco drives into a large garage with a sign outside identifying it as the Underground Performance Builds garage. A eerie silence falls under the mostly empty shop as the throbbing V8 is shut off. Kevin McMillan hops out of the offroader, stretches out after several hours of driving, and walks towards the reception area, patting the hood as he walks past. After checking for any mail left in the reception area, as well as his office, Kevin heads back into the main shop area, and goes to one corner of the shop that has some couches, a tv, and a mini-fridge. Kevin flops down on the couch and turns on the tv as he gets settled in. Kevin hears a knock at the door. *Sighs* "Fuck me" Kevin gets up, shutting off the tv, and heads towards the door, searching for his pack of smokes figuring that if he is up, he might as well have a quick smoke. Unable to find the pack by the time he gets to the door, Kevin gives up, and opens the door while speaking. "Look buddy, we are closed right now, come by next monday and we will be up and running again" Kevin looks the person up and down now that the door is opened. ((Tried to leave it nice and open ended if anyone wants hop in))
  11. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    *Kevin puts the piece of paper into his jeans pocket and heads inside the shop once Jason has left. He starts working on a 1965 Ford Mustang that is up on a lift. Several hours later, Kevin calls it a day as he shuts the shop down. He cleans the grease off of his hands before turning his hat forwards and puts on his sunglasses, grabbing his coat and walking outside. He is confronted by two large men. They suckerpunch Kevin, causing his nose to break, knocking him down. The two men then kick Kevin in the ribs several times before speaking in a strong Scottish accent* "If we find out you're doing any dealing with those Bad Company faggots we will be back" *The two men walk off as Kevin sits up, his back against the wall of his shop. He gingerly touches his nose, discovering that it has gone crooked. Taking several deep breathes, Kevin proceeds to set it back in place, eyes watering from the pain. He searches his pockets, finding tissues to stop the bleeding. Kevin notices that the paper Jason had given him fell out as well, and after a moment of thought, Kevin dials the number on his cell phone. As the phone rings he lights a smoke, leaning his head back against the wall*
  12. Rate the above song

  13. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    *Kevin snaps the zippo closed, placing it back in his pocket as he inhales, thinking. He exhales as he starts to respond* "I'll be honest here, I have a terrible track record with bikers ever since I've moved here. Twice they would have killed me if I hadn't of gotten out while the gettin was good, because they were not happy with my work. That's before I mention that my business is booming. I've got six hoists in that shop, and they all have builds on them, so leaving this behind just seems like I would be losing money hand over fist. I hate to say it, but it just seems like a bad investment for me" *Kevin ashes his cigarette before taking another long drag*
  14. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    *Kevin shakes Jason's hand, his piercing blue eyes looking him directly in his eyes. Kevin replies with a smile on his face* "I like the sound of a business opportunity, but judging by your outfit and your bike, I feel obliged to let you know that I don't do work on bikes. That being said let's talk" *Kevin hops on the hood of a Lincoln Navigator, grabbing a pack of smokes and a zippo out of the breast pockets of his flannel jacket*
  15. NEW NEW RP Thread #3

    *As Kevin drives through the city he briefly considers stopping at his garage and changing cars. He decides against it and drives to the Underground Performance Builds shop, parking in the front amongst various cars either waiting for a spot in the shop, or to be sold. As he gets out and heads towards the door he spots Jason and his bike* "Hey man, can I help you?"