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Found 3 results


    I would like to thank @Paratus for his hard work to get the game to our hands as quick as possible! I would also like to thank @LuckyDuck for all the support provided to the community and professionalism shown. Everyone else in the development and moderation team has done a great job, I felt these two should be thanked individually.
  2. So hi I have a question about moderators so i aim curious about how a moderator is going to work are they going to be banning in game or are they just for the forums how is it going to work do they get a panel like Gmod Servers or are there going to be ingame commands? also where can you apply for a moderator i cant find any forum tread or any application form I hope someone Replies to this to make it clear for me - AlwaysThatJay
  3. Please welcome the volunteer forum moderators that will be assisting Identity's Community staff in its day to day operations! This team has been specially selected from the Identity forums for their reputation for remaining unbiased during forum discussions, and for their interests in making a difference within the Identity community. However, some of these individuals may be recognized as volunteer Administrators from Asylum Entertainment's "Asylum Altis Life," a modification for ArmA 3, and are trusted to continue the renowned work that they have become known for. Each member of Identity's volunteer forum staff has their own unique personality and moderation style. We hope that you will get your first taste of who these individuals are from this introduction topic. Thank you for being a part of the Identity community!