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  1. Im back baby!

    Thanks everyone for being so friendly

    Don't expect any concrete numbers but I would assume that 80% of the playerbase will get into drugs as this type of behavior is common when drugs are available. Just my assumption though, who knows lol.
  3. The beginning

    @Uno23 If you wish to learn more about this game then I suggest you go read the devblogs or look up on youtube one of the Q&A sessions! They provide a lot of information and are fun to listen to.
  4. Im back baby!

    tyvm @HairyGrenade @NyanRadscorpion
  5. Public Transport

    No problem, if you need anymore help just message me or @ me, I would be glad to help you.
  6. Public Transport

    Find it. If you want to be taken seriously, get a profile picture, make a big detailed post, and start using correct grammar. In the business world, you must be professional otherwise you will be seen as a joke. I don't mean to be rude or harsh, but I wish to see you succeed and I am starting you out on the path of success.
  7. Public Transport

    @NickR If you wish to be taken seriously, make a post about your business
  8. What guns do you want to see?

    A doubt a Tec-9 will be added to the game for the police side but hey, who knows.
  9. Im back baby!

    Hello all, 99% of you might not know who I am but I was very active in the community about a year ago. I am making this post to anyone who reads this and might know me. I am back and I will be active on the forums effective immediately. If you know who I am and wish to catch up, just reply as I will be posting here. Have a nice day everyone! ~Rem
  10. Greetings from Canada!

    Welcome my dude.
  11. Hello Friends - From Denmark ;)

    Hope to see you around
  12. Modules?

    It will be open then close after a while. :).
  13. Dear haters of Identity...

    bump like trump ~('-')~
  14. Gore

    There will be blood, but no intense gore. You can assassinate and kill people but not dismember.
  15. Hello Identity - Denmark

    welcome! I hope you have a great time in the community!