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  1. What will you RP in identity?

    I'll probably just rp as myself and open a flower shop (if I can, if not then a clothing store) and just sorta see what wacky stuff walks in the door! Who knows maybe I'll meet a dashing robber to run away with~ I mean... one can dream, right?
  2. Just Some Ideas

    Soooooooo I'm new to this community and I have some ideas I would love to share! (If one of these things is already in the game or will be just let me know) 1.So we all know you'll be able to open your own store and such and I've seen job postings for restaurants, but what about other things? I would love to be able to open a flower shop because that's what I do in real life and would love to transfer my love of flowers into the game! Or what about other shops like toy shops or a skateboard shop or whatever? I think there are so many ideas we could do! 2. My next thing is modeling, and this sorta falls in with stores. I mean you need to advertise you shop somehow! So being able to have someone model your clothes and put their picture up all over your store to show your customers what your clothes look like would be super cool! Plus it adds another job into the world. 3.Lastly what about the dating scene? I mean I already know you'll be able to marry someone but what about the whole process that leads up to that? I would love more into about that. (Plus if we had flower shops you could totally deliver flowers to your partners house, just sayin'). I mean will there be dating apps, singles night at the bars, or will you just have to leave it to good looks and charm to get you a mate? 4. Also one word: pets? Just throwing that out there... So that is all I have (for now at least) hopefully I was able to help get other peoples creative juices flowing!