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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, I was just thinking about Identity and I had a few thoughts. So, I'm here now posting these ideas as a list to see your thoughts on these. Just give me your honest opinion on things that maybe you would change about it, maybe why you do/don't like it, or even ideas of your own. I just want to have a conversation about ideas of the upcoming possible features for the game 1. Animals, what animals will be in the wild for hunting, preying on you, food chains, pets, etc 2. Boats, yachts, big cargo ships to transport goods across the island faster, jet skis, kayaks, surfing, etc 3. Sea, waves, tides, sinking boats, drowning, sea animals such as sharks and fish, coastguard 4. Houses and real estate, how you think it should work and what should be implemented to keep it fair for all players. 5. Small car features, rolling down windows, wingmirrors, parking sensors, manual and automatic, electric and gasoline, engine damage, refilling oil for the engine... 6. Public transport, trains, buses, etc will they be player driven, how will schedules work and how will all of it work.. 7. Snow, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles(?), snowballs, anything to do with snow because who doesn't love snow. Now these are just random ideas I thought of, maybe they sound stupid, maybe they sound unrealistic, but I'm just saying what comes from my mind to hear your honest opinion on it. -Theo