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  1. Pensions/401K/ retirement

    Because there's no aging i think an retirement plan is unnecessary. In opposite there should be an incentive to keep active playing instead of blungering around.
  2. Hello from Austria/Switzerland

    Hello from Austria too
  3. Tour Guide - My Career

    Actually I had a kind of similar idea that actually would fit into your portfolio. Maybe we should have a further talk about this.
  4. Getting rich by luck

    I guess a daily or weekly lottery would be a nice feature for some. From the beggar to the millionaire in minutes...
  5. What do you want to do in Identity?

    I actually have no idea. But I guess it will be some kind of mix of legal or non legal activities.
  6. Will there be Railways? As they are a perfect means of transportation and a good source for many jobs. Also train heists or smuggling in trains would be possible with it. (Guess it's more some kind of european idea, but i guess it would be a nice thing.)