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  1. Game "running"

    So when I try to launch the game via steam it says it's 'running' but seconds later it isn't running. It doesn't even show a window. Please help.
  2. Victorian Luxury Watches

    At Victorian Watches we sell luxury watches, from plastic to platinum we have it all. Shop at Victorian Luxury Watches!
  3. Movie/Show

    No I do not have a source but I'm assuming asylum would make it because they are tying to make everything interactive and realistic.
  4. Movie/Show

    Haha yes! I'm also pretty sure there will be cameras so I will make shows like law and order maybe. The possibilities of it all is amazing.
  5. Movie/Show

    So when the game comes out there obviously will be Movie making, and I plan to make movies and shows. For example I plan on making a show about detectives solving murders, robberies, kidnappings, etc. My question is are any of you willing to be a part of it?
  6. Houses

    I got the VIP pack for Identity and is the two bed room apartment going to look like the one from the house decoration gameplay? Because if I got the VIP, I would expect to a luxury two bedroom apartment.
  7. Is this a scam or a game

    The game hasn't come out yet moron. Maybe if you weren't lazy, you could've check the tracker
  8. Does anyone know how much memory and graphics is required to run the game?