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  1. What's your Steam account?

    My steam is Gamesolver21
  2. Instagram?

    Then go to irrelevantmeme_man on instagram its so bad its my account
  3. Instagram?

    Hey so anyone like irrelevant memes/bad memes?
  4. Love me

    good job i guess? i mean you got me.
  5. Love me

    Dude that is super cool also thanks for the friend
  6. Tour Guide - My Career

    ok for awhile my car is gonna be a rusty car when i get enough money it will change to something more like adventurous like something like a jeep or something that is close to that Prices might change but i do not know yet for sure ya know the economy ever changing
  7. Love me

    fine i get it im not loved so does anybody want to be friends
  8. How is everybody today?


  9. Love me

    ill be your pal
  10. Love me

    This is just for funsies
  11. Love me

    Hey Just Love me
  12. Tour Guide - My Career

    Actually private message me i would like to hear more
  13. Introduction-Hello Identity

    My name is Aylmer Winslow, I grew up in a middle class family, which consisted of my Mom, Dad, Younger brother and Younger sister, and had a normal childhood, those good friends, middle school bullies, and I passed, barely in school, I decided not to go to college and left my old life behind wanting to move out of the big city I lived in to somewhere new! The reasons I left were mostly because I liked to explore but i explored all I could in that big city and to tell the truth my favorite parts of my life were when me and my family went to the woods and camped and I got to explore my heart out. While I was deciding to move that is when I chose my career because I remembered all of those cool things I saw when I explored which included waterfalls, views from mountains, and etc. and I decided I wanted to bring the same joy I felt back then so I chose to become a Tour Guide. Now you are brought up to speed on what I am gonna do with my new life in identity. Signed Aylmer Winslow I look Forward To meeting You All,
  14. Tour Guide - My Career

    Maybe. also sorry for taking awhile to respond
  15. Religious Cult

    Dude I love that Idea I can already imagine it Kidnapping people then viciously murdering them as we speak in "the heavenly tongue" and pray to our made up deity But I am a tour guide so i mean i don't know if i could join because i want to live a clean life as long as possible