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  1. 6 random questions

    Thanks for the update chai!
  2. I am Victor

    Hi Im from sweden, hoping this game will be everything it could be!
  3. 6 random questions

    1): thats why i want a forensics team as a job!
  4. 6 random questions

    Random questions im to lazy to read about 1). Will gloves make it harder for the police to catch me? 2). Will i be able to change licence plates or steal cars, when i do shitty things? 3). How long will crimes be investigated, i meen if i do 1 big score in the beggining of my playtime, and use the loot to make investments, can this come to haunt me forever or is there a time period until the cops cant do anyything abt it? 4). What will the Player vs Npc ratio be? 5). Will there be lockpicking? 6). Will there be wall maunted hunter trophies?
  5. Things i like to see in the game! (I just heard about this game and im sure some things here prolly are in the game already or been shot down). Jobs/Careers. 1). Forensic crime investigator, fingerprints, tireprints, foot prints, blood samples etc. 2). Putting adds online for doing miscellaneous things/odd jobs. 3). Owning/or operating a pawnshop. 4). Reporter for a news channel. 5). Ranks within a criminal organization. 6). Graffiti removal van. 7). Parking Enforcement Officer. 8). News anchor. 9). Hostages negotiator. 10). Radio host. Stuff i like to be able to do. 1). Reverse pickpocketing plant stuff on ppl. Lets say you want a certain political member out of the way, simple plant some coke on him, and call the cops. 2). Drop a picture in character creation, so the game takes the most like features from the picture and copy them into the character, so i just have to make some minor adjustments. 3). Smash and grab heist. 4). Throw out spikes from the carwindow in a police chase. 5). Burn my clothes after a busy criminal night, so the detective/forensic team have a harder time catching me. 6). Burgler somthing. 7). Live in a portable tent. 8). Graffiti. 9). Put the tv to a server news channel that shows live car chases in the city, and commercials for diffrent in game products. 10). If someone were to create a song in the game, their should be some kind of toplist, if you reach that list in someway, the song made, should be featured on automatic radio.