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Found 6 results

  1. The Identity Apprentice!

    Hello there! First off I would like to clarify that I am unsure if this character will be the same person as my political character, Marie Clare Bouchard (FN), at the moment I plan to have them as the same character. WHAT AM I HERE TO SAY TO YOU ALL? ———————————————————————— I want to invest in YOUR BUSINESS! How am I going to do this? Simple, a television programme. Streamed on Twitch when the first module launches (or when the main game has launched). So you might be wondering, what television programme do I have in mind? The Identity Apprentice 14 businesss people will be picked from a list of applicants for the show. 14 will be slowly wittled down to just 1 candidate and that candidate will BE MY BUSINESS PARTNER with a COLLOSAL investment and the driving force that your business needs! Requirements: -You must have a microphone in-game. -You must be willing to follow our rules and be present at the tasks, -You must have a business that you either fully own or have a share in (as long as the other shareholders agree to shows requirements) -Your business doesn’t have to already be running and can be an enterprise without completion as long as it is ready to start from the minute that I invest in it. If you can follow these rules you could win a MASSIVE investment and will go into a 50(I will own 50%)-50(You alone or with your shareholders will own the other 50%) partnership with me. if you are interested in joining The Identity Apprentice please link your business thread/post link below and tell me why you should be MY business partner! Thank you and good luck! -Marie Clare Bouchard.
  2. Investment Banking

    Hello Forums, I am looking for a potential business partner. I plan on opening and owning an investment banking firm. I have experience with financials so that end won't be a problem. Ideally I am looking for someone with financial experience and will be active. Requirements: 15+ but exceptions can be made based on maturity The basic knowledge of what investment banking is Active and someone who has the drive to make a ton of cash
  3. Investment Banking

    What do you guys think of taking place as an Investment Banker? - You could employ an Investment Banker for business strategy advisement and so on...
  4. Fidelity Investments

    Fidelity Investments: Our Vision: In Identity, a game full of possibilities, actions will display the type of character you are. Whether you help a woman asking for money or rob a person, these actions define our characteristics. It is our honor to announce this Brokerage Firm, Fidelity Investments, as the first Brokerage Firm in Identity. It is in our minds that businesses and corporations will lack the required resources to reach their full potential. This is where we come in. We will be a 24/7 Brokerage Firm looking to invest in Businesses and Companies that are or show potential of becoming successful and help if they are lacking resources or money to doing so. Money will be an object in Identity; everything you want, see or look at has a price tag. Whether that be businesses looking to transport goods/services or security corporations in need of weapons to ensure safety. We're here to help. What We Will Do: The Firm will seek out and speak to the successful and potentially successful businesses/companies and offer our support if they want it. We will invest in companies and businesses to ensure maximal profit for them and us while helping them develop further and expand at the same time. We will use our knowledge of interpersonal, linguistic and logical intelligence to help give them advice and good business/marketing techniques and strategies. We will be devoted to our customers and keep a confidentiality agreement, if wanted, between us and the company/business we invested in so we will not disclose any information. CEO's Letter: (Judgement) Good Day Citizens, It is to my knowledge that you are reading this thread because you are interested or curious about this Firm. I would like to say, time is a gateway to success. One man makes a majority, if we rise together we will become successful. Don't look at yourself thinking you're 1 person, you're not. You're someone. Someone that can rise to success whether they are alone or not. There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar. So how come some people are living in poverty or are broke? It is not our goal to make money but to help others. Once the game releases we will have companies and businesses coming to seek us for some mental or physical help. To my great honor, I would love to invite you to join the cause and help others achieve their goals and limits. Chain Of Command: CEO/President: (1/1) The highest-ranking person in the firm, ultimately responsible for taking managerial decisions. Chief Financial Officer: (0/1) You manage the big time investments. If anyone wants to invest big into a business or company they come to you first then you speak to the CEO. You make sure the accountant and financial analyst is doing their jobs. Accountant: (0/2) You double check the Financial Analysts work and make sure they are working at maximal efficiency. You report to the Chief Financial Officer for final confirmations about medium - big investments and can handle small investments alone. Financial Analyst: (0/3) You do the math to find out the most efficient amount we should donate to the business/company and calculate their performance, success and average rate of money. You report to the accountant and show them your work. Chief Compliance Officer: (0/1) You are in charge of overseeing and managing compliance issues within the firm. You ensure that a business/company is complying with regulatory requirements and that the firm and its employees are complying with internal policies and procedures. You have the ability to fire poor or unwanted employees that are below the rank of team leader, financial analyst and compliance associate. Lawyer: (1/2) You are the firms lawyer, you make sure everything done is within the law and make sure the businesses and companies we invest in follow our conditions and also defends the firm in court. You report to the Chief Compliance Officer: Compliance Associate: (0/3) You are an employee whose responsibilities include ensuring the company complies with its outside regulatory requirements and internal policies. You report to the Lawyer. Director (Human Resources): (0/1) You are responsible for the smooth and profitable operation for the firms departments. You supervise and provide consultation to management on strategic staffing, plans, compensation, benefits, training and development, budget and labor relations. Office Manager: (0/2) You manage the day-to-day administrative duties of the firm. You report to the Director of Human Resources. Managing Director: (0/2) Ensures the Vice President and the rest of their department is working at maximal efficiency while reporting to the CEO for updates and business inquiries. You speak to the Chief Financial Officer if looking to handle a big time investment and must show them evidence/good proof that they will be successful. You can handle small-medium investments alone. Vice President: (0/4) Manages their departments team leader and representatives to make sure they're working at maximal efficiency. You can make small time investments but must report to the Managing Director of your department first. You report to the Managing Director. Team Leader: (0/6) Manages their representatives making sure they're working hard. You can make small time investments on businesses and companies but must ask for confirmation from the Vice President of your department first. You report to the Vice President. Rep (Representative): (5/18) You are an employee of that department and report to your designated team leader about business. (Successful or potentially successful businesses and other duties) How you can climb the chain of command: You must be enthusiastic about work and follow orders given to you without questioning. You must be a hard worker and be dedicated into doing business and helping others. You must think outside of the box to how you can achieve certain tasks in maximal efficiency. You must be willing to spend time and effort into this firm. You must learn to follow and think out this chart: Requirements: Good social and marketing skills. A passion for being an investor. Dedication and hard work. Decent math skills. A microphone. (It's highly recommended if you want to climb higher into the ranks) How to join us? Send "Judgement" a private message on the forums with this template; What's your ingame character going to be called? What's his/her backstory? Why do you want to apply to this firm? What makes you a good employee? What makes you different from everyone else? Out of 1-10 what would you rate your social skills? How old are you? Do you have a working microphone? Do you have teamspeak/discord? How to know if you passed the application: I will send you a message saying you've successfully passed the application and send you an invite to the discord server where you will be asked a couple of questions then be assigned into your position to the firm. Good luck, -Vincent Valentine. (Fidelity Investments name is based off the real life Fidelity Investments, copyright not intended.)
  5. Dark Cypress Real Estate A name that stands for high quality service. Since 2003, we have been helping online citizens with buying and selling homes and condos, investment properties, renting commercial or residential space and finding that perfect vacation spot. Whether you are looking for a place for yourself or something to share we can help. To us, real estate is as much a passion as it is a business. That’s why we have continually led the industry in offering high quality real estate services. When our founder Christif Janick started the company he was a pioneer whose innovation and belief in customer service transformed virtual real estate. From the humble beginnings of purchasing a simple single family home to buying and selling hundreds of thousands of pieces of virtual real estate, he has worked non-stop to ensure virtual citizens realize their dream of having a place to call their own. Real estate is about more than just the physical piece of property it is also about communities which is why Dark Cypress believes in building communities as well as clients. We are the only real estate company with its own branded charity; The Shelter dedicated to funding women’s shelters and violence prevention and education programs across the world. Helping you is what we do. It’s as true today as it was 13 years ago. And we’re proud to say this philosophy will continue to drive us forward in the years and decades to come. Dark Cypress Real Estate is now bringing that experience and dedication to Identity and we are looking for clients and agents. More information coming soon.
  6. Investment group

    Investment Group Hey guys! I am new, just pledged today actually. I was wondering If someone here is interested in Investments ? particularly Investment group made of a few partners who will bring capital in order to create a financial entity that would focus on Bridging Loans ? Catering for real estate and business groups, creative individuals with the right build long term partnerships and reputation. Those kind of initiatives are GOLD! Just a shot to the dark....looking for a few people with the right mindset. let me know if you are interested.... Cheers!