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  1. Dank Meme for Hire!?

    I'll dress up and create an account if I have to with the meme you want for $59.99 dollars an hour (humiliation and personal trauma expenses). if you're interested send a pm, and I'll give you the PayPal account you have to deposit the 1000 dollars. (Oh yeah, you have to give me $1000+plus $59 an hour). Tempting offer, I know.
  2. Musician,

    Creating a musicians career would be something most people would want. Actually making it so you can upgrade certain levels of skill on an instrument by doing specific stuff, like...going to music lessons (who would've thought). So you hit a certain point where you can master an instrument. As in real life, people are more skilled than others in music, so making it balanced enough so anyone who puts time into an instrument can master it would be awesome so anyone could make a living out of it. Don't really know if this has been discussed already, but im curious to what others think about this.