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Found 2 results

  1. Musician,

    Creating a musicians career would be something most people would want. Actually making it so you can upgrade certain levels of skill on an instrument by doing specific stuff, like...going to music lessons (who would've thought). So you hit a certain point where you can master an instrument. As in real life, people are more skilled than others in music, so making it balanced enough so anyone who puts time into an instrument can master it would be awesome so anyone could make a living out of it. Don't really know if this has been discussed already, but im curious to what others think about this.
  2. Music Industry

    Hello, I would like to start off by saying I'm new to this forum. I'm looking forward to this game ALOT! The thing that I am probably most interested in doing in this game is becoming a musician. I have a few questions and ideas to improve this career type. Questions: What instruments will there be? Will there be a DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation) in-game? How will music be distributed? Will there be a top songs chart or something along the line? Ideas: I think it would be really cool if people where able to record/produce songs of different genres, rap, pop, EDM, rock, and be able to send it into a record label. This would give people more opportunities to start up businesses, since the labels will be player owned. It would also be cool if the record labels could distribute these records to the people in-game. If a player sells enough records it would be cool if they got an item to put on there wall like a platinum record or something along those lines. Allowing this means you could set up charts to see how sold the most records and so forth. (This would create a whole new industry that the government could tax so the city funds will go up.) Festivals could also become a cool player driven business. Where a player would buy a plot of land and set up a stage and every month or so (When ever they want to do it) pay artist to come up and perform sets. There could be an admission price and this could end up making a lot of money for many players. TL;DR I would love for there be an extensive music industry in this game.