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  1. Superhero Career

    Hey guys, about the rooftop thing, then why is a concept art showing a shooter over one? I think its possible to go there.
  2. Superhero Career

    That's kinda true, let's do like this people. I don't want arguments here and insulting, when you tell us what we can do and what we can't, say it in a way that doesn't seem to be rude and/or criticizing, and also yes, we want also to let our imagination flow. I'm creating new superheroes and new comics, so I need to let it flow. And so should you guys too.
  3. Superhero Career

    Could they at least let us create our own superhero costume? Like if it was a cosplay? That exists in the real world, so...
  4. Superhero Career

    Ok then, thanks man. And what about, idk, comic book illustrator?
  5. Superhero Career

    Then what about just hero? Like without powers, that would be more realistic, no science fiction
  6. What do you think about the characters getting the chance to be superheroes in the game? It would be awesome!!! don't you think? Who agrees?