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Found 4 results

  1. Fire Department

    My question is this I am a volunteer FireFighter and If I want to be a FireFighter in this game as a job. Will there be areas that ask a person if they do have experience with this form of job that can make there player have a better chance to get that job then another player?
  2. things firefighters could do

    ok so im a firefighter in real life in myrtle beach and excited about turtle beach sense its modeled after my town. here are some things i think firefighters should be able to do if a dev reads this i hope this gives some cool ideas about things we could do. 1 go to entrapment's, a entrapment is basically a car has become unable to let the passenger out (door gets jammed) 2 in Forrest fires allow players to have special forestry vehicles, exe... a brush fire i was at a while ago the Brush fire team came in with a backhoe and started knocking down trees around the fire to stop the spread 3 allow building fires and have the ai shop keeps act as victims where firefighters can get them out 4 allow the firefighters to vote in station on things like customization colors of the station and truck colors, or just let highest ranking firefighter customize the fire station 5 have a realistic action to putting wrong things on fire, like if there is a grece fire and the firefighter puts water on it make it get bigger and more spread, 6 allow fire rescue to request police to accidents for traffic control and go to fires to help block off areas i have a ton more but dont want to fill this up with pointless other things oh i dont know if i broke any rules on here this is my first post so if i did my apology
  3. I have some suggestions for the the firefighter career. I read that there is to be one type of firetruck. I am not sure if your planning on putting just a pumper in the game but I think a ladder truck( has the 100ft ladder on top of the truck) would be an awesome tool to put out fires in high-rises. Also, for another action for a firefighter to do, I read that the car accidents are going to be realistic. An idea is that if the accident is bad enough there is potential for a person to be trapped in their car and that could be another response as a firefighter.
  4. Assuming that firefighter's will be a career, if there was a fire in a city building, would they have to connect a hose to the fire hydrant to receive water for their task? And, if there was a fire in the forest, where would they get their water from? This could add-on to my other post regarding illegal parking, if there's a car illegally parked in front of a hydrant and wasn't noticed by a cop yet nor marked for towing and the hydrant needs to be used in that current time since theres a fire ongoing, how would the firefighter handle that illegally parked car?