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  1. Will the Town Square module release at midnight(12:00 AM)? If so, in what timezone? I'm an early bird.
  2. The Morelli Crime Family

    I updated the thread with information on how to join. Thank-you.
  3. How It All Started I suppose the story all started when my father Tony Morelli made the wrong mistakes, used to tell me about his ventures and "occasions". I grew up hearing nothing but such stories of my father running, gunning, and robbing stores, filling our family with wealth and making rackets out of local businesses for money and fortune. Nobody thought of it as something great, nor amazing. But in my eyes, it was everything. He was my father, my role model. We all lived in Little Italy, in a well-known city on the east coast. My father was involved in a "family" so to speak, exposing me to crime was the only way I saw it, but it was a gift, a lesson and something I took to heart. I was only eleven the first time I seen my father clip someone outside our doorsteps, ome stupid spic that was eager to get his money from our family, some loanshark I can only assume. The only family I knew was those around Little Italy, there was my Mama, Papa, and Uncle Joey, though Joey wasn't always around, usually just getting into his own mess. Life wasn't easy in the city nor was it pleasant, there was violence and robbery all over, our family threatening or being threatened! That's how it worked out there. The weird thing that clicked into my mind at such a young age was how inspiring all this was, teaching me to not just sit around and wait; Go out, get it, you know? Actually do something with your life instead of having nothing to push for. After a few years of dwelling on my options, growing into a man, I left Little Italy; There was no economic opportunities. There was no fresh bills rolling around, no nothing but the filth on your feet and the creeps that roll pass you with every step. I wanted a fresh start, no contact with those I used to know, somewhere I can relate and be myself. The only others I kept close and in contact with was my family, my real family, not this petty crook and theft garbage. When I arrived at this new city, I went straight to work, meeting with my distant family members and other figures that aren't so familiar. Together, we will survive and put food on the tables of our families. My name is Carmine Morelli, and this is my story. Take it or leave it. You will see a great spark under Roseport. The Hierarchy Summary The best way to join the family is to hang around our turf or places of interest, perhaps befriending one of our members. You can't tell a member apart unless you get to know the people around our neighborhood. If you'd like more involvement in the family before Identity's release, contact me on Discord. #aeon2560 (City of operation not decided, placeholders have been put)
  4. Thank-you, @LuckyDuck. I have updated the thread with that in mind.
  5. Information Summary Identity Black is an upcoming community server for Identity that will launch upon the game's full release. Identity Black will focus on heavy role-play and realism, with more emphasis on tweaking the game to possess these qualities. Crafted For The Role-Player Identity Black is for players who want to develop their RP characters and stories in a game where serious role-play rules are enforced, RP actions mean something, and the differences between IC(In-Character) and OOC(Out-of-Character) are drawn. Player Freedom We want players to be able to steal cars, break into residences, or do anything in-between after the proper role-play is performed under a server administrator's supervision. Of course, the role-play quality must meet a real-life standard in order to be acceptable and therefore successful in attempt. Simply put, we want to give as much freedom as possible to the role-player! We hope to see every avid role-player join us in our goal in creating a decent serious RP for Identity! This thread is a current work in progress, and more updates will be posted on our main thread as well as the Discord while we develop our community. Join our Discord Join our Steam Group Q/A Q: Will Identity Black be a whitelisted-only server? A: No, however, players must pass an RP knowledge test before joining. Q: Will VOIP(Voice) be enabled? A: Yes, but VOIP is restricted to IC(In-Character) speech and not for acting out role-play or speaking in OOC(Out-of-Character) chat. VOIP abuse is strictly forbidden. Q: How big is this community? A: As of now, it's brand new! We invite any role-player who enjoys Identity to join our new community. Q: How important will role-play be on this server? A: Role-play will be the driving force of the entire game, the future determined by the players. Q: Are the forums open? A: No, we will not open the forums until the official release date of IdentityRPG has been announced. For now, the main thread and Discord act as our community's social platform. Q: Will this community remain active until Identity is fully released? A: Yes, we will be working and preparing our community until we open our server upon the first day of the full release! Q: Will multiple characters be allowed in Identity Black? A: Yes, we plan on allowing multiple characters to be made if possible, so players have a chance to develop different personalities and stories. Q: Is Identity Black accepting staff/volunteers? A: Yes, we are open to accepting applicants who are role-play savvy and have previous experience in role-play game administration, coding, or any other specialties that can enhance the game experience!