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  1. Short Introduction of my character

    I have and will continue to watch the tracker,I believe this game will be bigger the Secondlife
  2. Short Introduction of my character

    Yea,I know what you mean.I'm so glad I joined
  3. Short Introduction of my character

    Lol,why do you say that?
  4. An African american woman stares at her reflection,black hair fell down her back and a decorative white flower surrounded by light blue and dark blue smaller flowers kept some loose strands away from her face,the little bit of eyeliner bringing her blue colored eyes out which she inherited from her father and the glossy shine to her chocolate colored lips is sure to draw in looks.She scoffs lightly before running her hands down her dark blue dress which is layered toward the bottom and covered in some glitter,her mother said it looked like a clear night sky before handing her a red ribbon.The woman touches the ribbon fondly as she admired it,the strands were wrapped over her shoulder and around her right arm.Her lips parted to release a soft sigh,her eyes narrowing briefly in thought as to why she even bothered to be here when she normally avoided these types of parties,but she was Nessie Rah tonight and Nessie needed to mingle
  5. I want to rp,but I don't have much timeĀ 

  6. Hello Everyone

    I new here,but I don't bite

    1. Sasper


      Welcome to friend ;)

  7. Interested in Roleplay?

    I'm intetested in rp and have free time for now...Can I have the link