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  1. So what's wrong with the UI?

    It's been a long time since the module was supposed to release, but now we're waiting on the UI to be finished. I'd like to know why it's not finished, what is wrong with it, and how much longer we will be waiting for it to get finished. I am genuinely looking at getting a refund at this point.

    I keep forgetting about this game to be honest. Yes, I pre-ordered, and yes, I'm advocating for the game, but I literally only check back once every 2 weeks or so, and it's been on 1 task for what seems like forever. I'm not bashing on devs, they are working hard, probably starting on another module already, and it might be 1 guy's job to finish the UI. Who knows. Or maybe they just took the money and ran? (JOKING)
  3. Please tell me those aren't the final animations...

    Mocap == sexiest animations
  4. What date do you think we will be in-game, and why? EDIT: I see a trend forming. Most people don't expect the game this month, and that's fair to assume. Personally, I think now that the 1 task is completed, then there will be more people working on the last 2 tasks. This will make it go by much quicker, and if they have already made most progress on it, I think the earliest we will see the game is Wed-Fri this week, but this is with high optimism and hope that they have already completed most of each task. I have to agree, though, that we may still be in the tracker in August. It really depends on the progress so far. Also, keep in mind that the team is also building a new website, so we have that to look forward to. Also, I forgot 7/8 was a Sunday, and also all the other weekend dates on there, whoops.
  5. Who is actually still hyped for this game?

    I have been on this hype train for a bit. While I don't have the "hype feel" anymore (that tense feeling in the back of your neck when you get really excited), I am excited to play the game still. I've always dreamed of a game solely for roleplay where everything is interact-able. The game is a dream come true.
  6. Please tell me those aren't the final animations...

    World of Warcraft, another MMORPG, was released in 2004. It is still getting improvements. Who cares if the animations are not up to par with modern games. They can always tweak it later.
  7. So... what's happening?

    I think a better explanation for "In Testing" would be "Finalizing," meaning that the code is all there, but it's not yet working the way they want it to. In my experience, "In Testing" assumes it is complete and just needs to be tested for QA purposes. As for the next 2 modules, I believe they should take no more than 6 months each at this rate.
  8. So... what's happening?

    I'm pretty sure they are stalling to promote hype, as well as push closer and closer to the SWAT update. We know that the artists are still producing assets, and the programmers' work is complete on Town Square. There are 3 things that have been in testing for around 2 weeks. This means that everyone has been working on the next module. Since the SWAT update is an addon to the base game, it will take much less time to complete than Town Square. I figure that, since vehicles are presently in development, and the SWAT system is simply the introduction of factions (or jobs, or both) that they may even be close to finished with the SWAT update. The most likely release date for SWAT would be 3 months after TS. This will give players enough time to understand the game, and have enough time for potential Police Officers to apply. After that, the vehicles update, which, as stated, vehicles are present in gameplay footage, so they may be a short wait too. The vehicles just need to be fleshed out and more vehicles are probably in production. After all the modules are out, they just need to add content: the full map, more vehicles, skins, clothing, basically more stuff. TLDR: Town Square is probably being stalled, but the later addons are probably coming very soon after TS is released.
  9. Well, the day is almost here.

    I will bet my first-born in-character child that we will see a shooting range with use-able weapons in Town Square. What you do with him/her is up to you.
  10. Well, the day is almost here.

    I added the time marker, did you not watch it? They explicitly said they will give us access to the shooting range.
  11. Well, the day is almost here.

    Agreed, see the whole video I posted. Its the latest devblog
  12. Well, the day is almost here.

  13. Well, the day is almost here.

    False, there is a gun range under the Police Station we will have access to.
  14. Well, the day is almost here.

    While you're doing all that, you get to meet new people, interact with them, get held up at gunpoint, but most of all, roleplay. The goal of this game is not for "stuff to do" as this person puts it: You can roleplay with absolutely nothing. You don't need a 3D world to roleplay in with minigames, or with clothing stores, or player properties. You can roleplay in person with paper and pencil, or even with nothing at all but your imaginations. EDIT: I originally roleplayed in person in a DND-like fashion with friends, except we just used our imaginations, and one guy was the "DM." It would last for months, but there were also times when we did short scenarios that lasted a day or two.
  15. *You would see this profile posted on social media*

    RE: Starting a new life! Posted on 5/30 at 11:15 p.m. Hey Larry! You're moving there too?! Wow! At least there will be someone there I know. I can't wait to start fresh. The hype is real! *Christopher and Larry are Friends*