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  1. What will you RP in identity?

    I will be Playing a Caucasian Male with Tattoes. I will work as a Mechanic and Ride my Bike in the Freetime. Also i will join the Rescue Forces. Prefered Firefighter or if not Available Paramedic. And my Character comes from Germany.
  2. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    In the Next Two Days you will get Only the RELEASE DATE. So its not coming out just yet.
  3. Who or what will you become?

    No Firefighter Option
  4. Anyone interested in EMS

    Well i have choosen my Side of the Rescue Teams Hope Fire Dep. will be neat.
  5. [TOOL] Identity Signature Generator???

    Hi there! Overall its a really nice tool. As you can see im using it myself now too. But i Want to adress a Bug in this Tool. If you want to take a Picture thats Uploaded in Imgur. It won't work. I tryed it several times. And if i choose a direct Link its works. Just a Little Feedback from myself. Again Great Work! Have a Nice Day. Rolf Schmidt
  6. Post Office

    I would like to Deliver Post or Packets to Players. Like Ups. Is there a Possible Way to start such a Career? Ps: Sorry Bad English, German.