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  1. Hi guys, I had some questions about the own designing/customizing of clothing. Will it be possible to choose like if you want to design sneakers, boots, loafers etc. If so can you choose if you want to have high or low top sneakers and if you can change like different type of things of the sneaker. I would like to see not only 1 type of a blank low top sneaker that can be customized or only 1 type of blank high top sneaker that can be customized, so everyone can be unique in their own way. For example only have laces on the sneakers, have laces with velcro, maybe add spikes on them or maybe a metal skull logo on the shoe tongue or other type of symbols in different types of materials? For the upperwear, like a t-shirt, would it be possible to have the same type of things like add a camo on it, also maybe add a metal skull or different type of symbols etc etc. Or is it just a basic t-shirt where you can only change colors of it. Regards, Dyn