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Found 1 result

  1. Invertus | Fashion Just Turned

    The Higher Tier Choice Website Application Page The high-end fashion provider supports The Hamilton Party and the Employment Opportunities program. Unemployment is a big factor in everyday survival and everyone should be entitled to a job and an equal shot in life. Invertus will provide clothing and jobs to the citizens. The betterment of the people is a pride to assist. ______________________________________________________________ What is Invertus? Here at Invertus, we want to change the way people look at everyone. Not only do we believe, that fashion not only is on the outside, but on the inside. Therefore Invertus. The world is moving forward, in a rapid speed. So for your everyday need, we have some modern clothing at your disposal. We are getting modern. Question is, will you follow us? ______________________________________________________________ Why us? Because we simply care more about your clothing. At Invertus, we do not see it as property or money, we see it as a part of our inner selves. We take that thought, and put it into the clothing. Not only do we make sure that your clothing is stylish and high-end, but that it becomes a part of you. When you receive your clothing, and wear it, people will look at you and think that you have wealth and style. ______________________________________________________________ Does this interest you? Would you like to know more? If anything from this post interests you, contact @TonyOcculta directly through his messages. Payments will be fair, but we will discuss that together if your application is accepted. If you are wondering about how we will ship things to you, then the answer is simple. Occulta Movings (Soon to be posted about), will transfer your clothing safely, and as quickly they can. Payment to that business will be inside what you pay for our clothes. No extra payment is present however. ______________________________________________________________ Positions Management CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Archie Lawrence COO (Chief Operations Officer) Albus Occulta CDO (Chief Design Officer) Caien Charious CAO (Chief Accounting Officer) Albus Occulta [Temporarily] Different Positions (D)Design Department (A)Acountings Senior Design Officer - Cameron Zumer Senior Accounting Officer - Available Designer - Available Accountant - Available ______________________________________________________________ You can apply for a job today down below. Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards from Invertus . Invertus © 2017