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Found 7 results

  1. Hello/Ciao from Italy

    Hi everybody, I'm Bascheggia from Italy. I hope the first module will release as soon as possible. Are there any other Italians here?
  2. Hi! what exatcly is Idendityrpg? i mean, i think its like an SecondLife Chat-Explore game, but im not sure since i have see some Rules Games, like be a Police etc..
  3. Hi guys, is someone from Italy like me? Do you want to make a community to be in touch? Let me know! Ciao!
  4. Hello/Ciao!

    Hi guys, I'm very excited for this game! I'm 25 and I'm a web developer from Italy. Can't wait for the first module
  5. Fashion Boutique - Stylist

    Hello, I know it is technically hard but I would love to have a Fashion Show Room. Ofc, if clothes and shoes are already in a General-Global Shop that cant work, but maybe It will be possible to buy an "exclusive sale" for some products with a fee. The best solution, for me, will be to create my own product to sell... but I know this feature will be not improved at the moment. I had a good success with my creations in other platforms so I cross fingers for this career opportunity HERE... hoping to have the possibility in the future. have a great day to all, Valya
  6. Hi, I’m Gianni!

    Hello Identity World! My name is Gianni, a 25 year old 3D modeler and Interior designer. I am super excited to start my adventure in Identity. I haven’t decided what my career will be yet, but I am brainstorming. In real life I do 3D modeling and animation, so I may look into opening up an interior design business in identity. If I could do that, bringing your creative imagination of your business or Home to life would be satisfying and fulfilling. I purchased the $150 passport so that I can design my home to my hearts desire. Plus having a one bedroom is a better fit for me since I would want to throw parties and social gatherings. I’m hoping that I can switch my motorcycle to a car but at least I’ll have some type of transportation for the time being. I figure to invest in my characters home while at the same time support Asylum for their awesome efforts. I joined identity since 2016 but I’m new to the forums. So I would love to talk with you guys and look forward to meeting and seeing you in Identity! - Gianni
  7. Introduction The Mariano Crime Family is an Italian-American organised crime family based on the ancient principles of Cosa Nostra. Like the Genovese Crime Family of New York City, the Mariano Crime Family are considered the 'Ivy League' of organised crime, mainly because of their ability to adapt with the times and find new ways of making money even as law enforcement clamp down on the mob. One of the key differences between this and other criminal organisations is the sanctity placed on loyalty and brotherhood, two values which have unfortunately become rare in the underworld. Structure The organisational structure of the Mariano Crime Family is the same as that of other Italian-American and Sicilian crime families. Low-level associates of the organisation work on the streets, making money in the hopes of eventually becoming 'made men' (official members of the family). Once they are 'made', associates are promoted to the rank of soldier, or 'soldato'. Soldiers operate in crews of up to 10, which are each lead by a captain or caporegime (shortened to capo). A capo is essentially a lieutenant, managing his crew and ensuring that they are earning money without breaking the rules of the family. There can be anywhere from 2 to 20 crews in a family depending on its size, each operating independently of each other (for the most part) but ultimately part of the same organisation. All of the families captains report to the underboss, the second-in-command and one of the most powerful members of the family. The duty of the underboss is to oversee the day-to-day running of the family, ensure that business is running smoothly and that captains are passing up their kick-up (more on this later). The consigliere acts as an advisor to the boss, helping him steer the family in the right direction and settling disputes both within and outside the family. Finally, the Boss (also known as the Don, or Godfather) is at the very top of the pyramid. All decisions, including who gets made, who the families captains are, and who runs what rackets (criminal jobs), are made by him. At the end of the day, the Don gets a cut of all profits made by the family. Kicking Up Key to the power structure of the mafia is the practice of 'kicking up'. Essentially, all this means is that at a certain pre-determined time (probably once a week or once every two weeks), anybody earning with the family (this means associates and made men alike) must pass a certain amount of their profits to their superiors. Associates kick up to whichever made man they are working for. Soldiers kick up directly to their captain under all circumstances, while captains all kick up to the administration of the family (meaning the underboss, boss, and consigliere). The amount that one is expected to kick up differs based on rank and the rackets one is working, but the minimum amount will always be fair and reasonable. Unless you are particularly reckless, kicking up will not be a chore, and most of the time only about 10% of your weekly income will go towards it. However, basic math tells you that the more you earn, the smaller the percent of your earnings you will need to kick up to satisfy the minimum requirements. Then again, kicking up even more than the minimum is a good way to get noticed by the higher-ups and possibly earn you a promotion (which obviously means more opportunities to earn big money). It is always the best earners who are the most respected in the family. It is important to remember that just because you have people working for you and kicking up to you, you should not slack off. Everybody, from the associates to the boss of the family, actively work to earn money on top of what they are earning from kick-up. Nobody sits around waiting for payments and drinking coffee. How to Join It is important for the organisation that our members are competent (skilled) and intelligent, that way everybody is able to make as much money as possible. Even though being an associate of the Mariano family is potentially one of the higher paying jobs available to most people in Identity, being a 'made man' is where the real money is. The higher your rank, the more money and opportunities are available to you. To join, simply work with well-connected associates or made men in the family. Make money and every so often, kick up a decent amount of what you make to your higher-ups. The more you bring in, the better your reputation will be. Of course, it isn't just about money. You need to demonstrate that you are loyal to the family before all else, and that you know and understand omerta (more on this coming up). Once you have earned the respect of the families administration, you will be considered for being made. The very best associates are evaluated and hand-picked to become official members of the family, and therefore expand their earning potential (for themselves and the family) infinitely. It is best not to ask to get made, as this will only annoy and slow down the process. Instead, demonstrate that you are both loyal and a good earner, and you will have your best shot at becoming an official member of the family. Rules of the Family The rules of the Mariano Crime Family are quite simple. For simplicities sake, they are referred to as 'omerta' (pronounced oh-mer-tah). They are: - Your loyalty to the family comes before all else. - Never hurt or kill another made man under any circumstances, and only harm an associate if you have a very good reason to do so. - Never co-operate with the police in any way. If the police ask you about anything related to business, you know nothing. You're simply a businessman. - Do not discuss family business with anybody who is not either a made man, or very well connected to the family. - Make sure you are not late with your payments. You would not like your underlings being late with their payments to you, so show the same courtesy. If you follow these simple rules and generally try to avoid causing trouble, you will find your time in the Mariano Crime Family very rewarding and fun. Conclusion The Mariano Crime Family is an organisation for people who value loyalty, brotherhood, and intelligence. We are, in the truest sense of the word, a family. This is an organisation for those who aren't content with being a part of any old gang. If you would like to discuss further, feel free to send me a private message. Keep in mind that our organisation will operate on the Australian server so, while we are not opposed to doing business with US or UK people, we only accept made men who are willing to play on the Australian server. Regards, J.M