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Found 9 results

  1. gym

    hallo beste ontwikkelaars. Ik ben eigenlijk Benieud voor de releasedatum, maar ik dacht meteen aan een geweldig idee voor het spel .. namelijk, ongewapend vechten. Met verschillende vechtsporten. en dat je ook tennis kunt spelen. bijvoorbeeld groeiende spieren. maar ook bijvoorbeeld dat je bijvoorbeeld bepaalde spierniveaus nodig hebt om een nieuwe vechtstijl te leren .. ook bijvoorbeeld dat je vechtclubs hebt waar je ook met andere spelers kunt vechten of natuurlijk computergestuurde spelers ... zou ook leuk zijn als je bijvoorbeeld een missie doet met een verhaalmodus. maar de verhaalmodus is niet echt zoals die zou moeten zijn, maar zou echt vet zijn, bijvoorbeeld dat fitnesslessen vechtstijlen en dergelijke dingen leren. zou ook cool zijn als je bijvoorbeeld een druglab of plantage zou kunnen bouwen. Weed Plant. Greeting Maikel henraath Big fan
  2. BODYBUILDING Can we do bodybuilding like are there gyms available in the game? It'll be cool if so players body size won't look the same like in GTA online.
  3. A GYM!!!!

    currently there are models in the game for weights and exercise machines. its well known crooks and crops like to get buff and ripped for their specific careers well irl i am a actual bodybuilder and doing something like this would be a nice place for anyone in the game to come and get some muscles or some fatloss in. also some punching bags for people who want to train
  4. GYM Mechanic Idea

    Gym Animations / Minigame / Physics I know gym mechanics and stuff are a long way but hear me out. I think there should be animations so people can see you lifting weights or doing some sort of workout in the gym on Identity RPG. It would also be cool if there was a mini game for lifting weights like in GTA SA when you had to press "X" and"O" back and forth as fast as you can to get a rep and also choosing the weight you're lifting before you start. I think it would also be more interesting if the weight plates changed depending on how much weight you're lifting, or you'd have to put the weight plates on the olyimpic bar yourself. Gym Mechanics One more thing as well, I think it would be cool if you get a temporary skill depending on what part of your body you work out. For example legs, If you do leg workouts you should be able to run faster. "When you build strong muscles in your lower body, you are able to push off the ground with more force. Each running stride takes less time, and you can cover more distance with your steps using less effort. Stronger legs and glutes propel you forward and enable you to move faster and fatigue less quickly, while also helping you maintain an energy-efficient posture and running form for increased strength." You should also be able to run a treadmill or a track to increase endurance and lose weight. There should also be some sort of skill to gain from arm,chest/back workouts. I know it doesn't need to be this detailed but you guys are the professionals, this is just an idea. Thanks for your time!
  5. Boxing Gyms and Stadiums?

    So I got a few questions about Boxing Gyms and Stadiums. Will there be Boxing Gyms that players can buy, and can they customize the inside to their liking? Like placing where they want the boxing ring, punching bags,gym equipment, etc.? How big will they be and how will they look? Will they look similar to any of the gyms below? (More questions below) Will there be any Boxing stadiums to host boxing events and will people be able to buy tickets to enter? How will they look? Will they look similar to any of the stadiums below?
  6. Identity's GYM System?

    Heyy ya'll! So I'm well aware that Identity is going to have gyms located within main cities (or maybe even neighborhoods/towns). My question is, "May someone explain as much as they can on how the gym system is going to work? Will the amount of time you spend in the gym working out affect the way you look (body shape)?" I remember the Devs briefly touching upon this on one of their recent Q&As.
  7. Gym

    I would love the idea of there being a Gym, the more you workout the better your mandem looks. Also your player would increase in health and fitness. Buy protein shakes/steroids loads of ideas.
  8. G.Y.M

    What does a system of exercise like gta san andreas look like? And that your muscle mass increases.
  9. Career & Becoming a IDENTITY Star: Lets say your in to been a Dj,Musician,Artist and want the entire community to buy your new mixtape, find a manager to get you in clubs ,earn money by gigs , sell your music, promote yourself, make a living and become a star that everybody in that community wants to hire. Creating a Family & Marriage: Let's say you meet a IDENTITY user that you like and want to share most of your time and earnings, move in together adopt other users as brothers sisters (family member) MAke a mafia type family or a normal family that lives in a big house and have the same earnings out the family business company. get married make a big wedding and invite users, hire a priest if it's by Religious Church, Promote your big wedding, give your last name to your wife, get divorce, split 50 - 50% , hire a attorney, be unfaithful , have drama, etc... Pets: Be able to buy Dogs & Cats and train them in useful ways like for the theifs that want to enter your home,for the police officers (DEA) in search of drugs,Urban Dog Fights , buy 2 dogs make them, create a puppys and sell them on the market with special abillitys gain by training... Birds,fish (you can buy a fish tank and fish your own fish or buy) , horses, buy high class racing horses and bid on them. go to the wild ,place traps and hut wild animals ,make a zoo and show off your luxury animals , sell them on internet , make a living out of Identity Animals. Gym : imagine having a Daily routine , make your IDENTITY user sim Fit. create your own gym where you can interact with other users about Real healthy eating and best workout routine. sorry just expanding my imagination of what this project can turn out to be.!! Thank you for reading .!!