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  1. Making a living

    Well Los Angeles police officers earn like 60k $ per month and it can go even higher. I think Identity police must be very well financed and police officers salaries must be high too, or the world of Identity might turn preety toxic. Decent police system should be the basic element of the Identity world.
  2. Some of my suggestions.

    Good, thanks for the info
  3. Some of my suggestions.

    - Add turtlenecks with thumb holes, I think these are kinda cool. - Let us choose the colour of our socks and shoelaces, you can't do that in GTA Online so yeah, be innovative. - Our characters shouldn't just hold the steering wheels the same way 24/7 like damn robots. They should move their fingers, wrists etc. and after car is standing in one place for lets say 1 minute then our characters should maybe put their hands on laps or so, just to add a bit of realism with such human gestures. (setting the style how our characters hold the steering wheel will also be appreciated.) - Add dirtbikes and perhaps some dirtbike arena or so. - We MUST be able to create our own car liveries instead of picking from few ugly ones like in GTA. Do it or lots of players will be really dissapointed, and not only the car guys, but just people who want to express themselves, and Identity is mostly about that. - Customizable or changable music visualisers in our cars. - Glowing subwoofers, might glow more intensively when it's bass. (ricers like me will like.) - Japan cars should have steering wheels on the right side (cause imported) with possibility of mounting it to the left side at mechanics. - If a suspects leaves official server and joins another official server then he should still be marked as suspect for police on the server he changed to too, or his time of being a suspect should reset. (actually I don't even know how that mechanic works: when you commit a crime are you wanted forever and you have to escape from police forever untill they catch you? Or you have to escape for the time based on the crime you commited? Lets say for breaking something or hitting someone you need to avoid police for 10 minutes, but if you kill someone you need to escape for 25-30 minutes or be wanted forever untill police arrests or kills you, idk myself.) - Cashiers should be NPCs unless player desiring to lead some shop will decide to take their place. We need NPCs as cashiers, or like 99% of shops imo will have no cashiers, as I don't think there will be many players wanting to be cashiers. - Choosing the sound our car makes when we use the door locker button.
  4. There is sleep system, not nessecary, it just gets rid of some negative effects. Eating unhealthy doesn't give any negative effects. You can't starve to death, eating just prevents you from some kind of negative effects too, like stamina debuff, running slower etc. Eating also doesnt work like health packs though, it works like in Arma 3 Altis Life. And keep in mind that I got all this from Twitch Clips Directory, they are still planning on how all this you asked will work so it's not 100% how it will work like I said. http://www.identityrpg.com/community/topic/10271-twitch-clips-directory/
  5. A lotta gang activity in Identity

    As moderator I'd just kick some criminals out and let players that want to protect and serve in. Very primitive but nothing else comes to my mind really. Disconnecting and looking for another server with good oppinions is always an option too, so I wouldn't worry about that kind of stuff.
  6. A lotta gang activity in Identity

    Yeah, me too. Hope to see you on my watch, officer.
  7. I don't want to be a pessimist here guys, but one task left on this funny little tracker thingy doesn't necessarily mean the TS relase is gonna happen soon. Just saying.
  8. Artwork or rendering of pledge items

    Im just curious how that pledge hat will look like and if colour will be changeable, its nowhere to be seen.
  9. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Love that brown jacket, ill use exact same on my vigilante character =) Nice work Umut. (Give us option to roll down that collar tho)
  10. Karaoke Bar Song Requests

    nononono, what we need is... De spa CITO
  11. Karaoke Bar Song Requests

    Lawson - Juliet Queen -Don't stop me now Avici - Hey brother Boom Clap Believer Initial D - The Top. I'm dying of laughter imaging players singing these =D
  12. Screenshots of the Police Station

    looks awesome
  13. Which cars do you want to be in the game?

    Toyota Hilux Nissan Skyline R34 Toyota Supra IV Toyota Avensis ll Dodge Charger Hellcat + police version of it Subaru Impreza WRX BMW M3 Mercedes AMG C63 2015 Honda Civic VIII Arrinera Hussarya I know developers have to change car models for all those lawsuit reasons, but R34 and Supra rear lights should remain the same or at least very smiliar to those in real life, or it will really run the taste of those cars in game. Also we should be able to create our own liveries, not to choose from few uglyass ones like in GTA Online.
  14. Screenshots of the Wepons |UPDATED|

    I'd love to see MSBS rifle for S.W.A.T. teams. It should be a matter of personal choice on what rifle/shotgun and pistol they want to use, like M4, M416, Famas, AK74m, AK12, G36C and MSBS, but only in robbers are confirmed to have heavy weaponary. If not, CTs should have access only to MP5's, UMPs, MP7, P90 etc.
  15. GPS / MDT Ideas

    Great idea, I'd also like to have GPS on in-game smartphone. Also GPS'es should speak in multi-languages, but I think devs will just leave that for custom server admins to take care of.